Walking Through Myth and History in Greece

Travel to Greece

No country has such famous myths and Greece. Discover the sights behind the stories whilst walking in Greece.

The cradle of Western civilisation, Greece is a destination that mixes the myth with the modern, spectacular landscapes with ancient ruins. It is home to some of the most important ancient sights in the entire world, and walking in Greece is the best way to experience these remarkable places up close.

There are countless remarkable places to visit whilst walking in Greece, but these are three of the most remarkable...

Atlantis, The Sunken City

Ever since Plato first mentioned the lost city of Atlantis, it has captivated generations of archaeologists, historians, writers and artists. No one knows if the city ever actually existed, or where it might have been, but one school of thought believes that the most likely location of Atlantis is in the archipelago of Santorini. This archipelago used by a single island until thousands of years ago an enormous volcanic eruption separated the islands. There is evidence of an advanced civilisation that lived on the island before the eruption - many believe this to be none other than Atlantis itself.

Whether or not it is truly home to Atlantis, Santorini is a stunning island to visit. Vertical red and black volcanic cliffs plunge down and circle a part of the sea known as the caldera. The caldera is utterly spectacular, and the only thing that makes it even more remarkable is imagining the sunken city that may lie beneath the waves!

Delphi, Home of the Oracles

In the ancient world, prophecies changed the course of empires, and kings would make fantastic offerings of gold and silver in the hope of receiving a favourable prophecy. By far the most famous and prestigious oracles were the oracles of Delphi. Though they rarely spoke plainly - in one famous incident, King Croesus of Lydia asked Delphi what would happen if he went to war with Persia, and was told that 'he would destroy a great empire'. He eagerly went to war, only to realise too late the prophecy referred to his own empire!

Today, Delphi is one of the essential historical sites to see whilst walking in Greece. It is home to a cluster of excellently preserved ruins, which include a temple, gymnasium, and a beautiful theatre. For a real taste of ancient Greek architecture, Delphi is a great place to visit.

Crete, The Land of the Minotaur

Even today, most children soon learn the myth of the minotaur, a terrible bull-headed monster that stalked a Labyrinth and who was eventually slain by the Greek hero Theseus. Crete was the mythical sight of this event, and the bull remains a potent and important symbol of Cretan culture. No one will ever know what historical basis the legend has, but the famous archaeological site at Knossos certainly ties in with the stories - the ancient labyrinthine palace is a remarkable sight.

In addition to the archaeological site, the countryside of Crete makes it one of the best places to go walking in Greece. Mountains, coasts, forests and traditional Cretan villages make it a diverse and rewarding place to explore on foot and the excellent weather means that it can be visited at any time of the year.


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