Tourist Activities in San Juan, Philippines

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San Juan is an important city situated at the geographical center of the National Capital Region of the Philippines. The small city was the location of the Philippine revolt for independence by the Filipino radical organization, against Spanish colonial rule. This scenic city has many tourist attractions and this is an overview of them.

The Ifugao Rice Terraces (IRT), which was included in the List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1995, is one of the major attractions. The centuries old, beautiful areas spread in four municipal clusters are unique landscapes. Ifugaos, a rice terrace building community, mainly inhabit these places. The scenic Strawberry Farm situated in Benguet, Mountain region is a fantastic place to visit with the family to stroll and relax. Pick delicious strawberries from the farm, enjoy fresh strawberry ice cream or buy its products from the street sellers.

Mines View Park that delivers a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains is the city's most popular park. Visitors from tropical countries find this place particularly pleasant, since it has a very cool climate. The beautiful site has many trendy shops that sell various things at cheap prices. Walk around the park and enjoy the scenery. Burnham Park with many gardens, pretty paths and recreational areas is another favorite city park.

San Juan has a number of attractive old homes built during the 1920's along the sides of its major street leading to the cathedral and other nearby streets. These homes are notable for their beautiful design and unique architectural style. The city has many well-known churches, out of which the wonderful San Juan Church, holding the impressive ceiling fresco of the baptismal scene of Jesus is the most visited one. The St. John the Baptist Parish, frequently referred to as the 'Pinaglabanan Church' that features the shrine of the city's patron saint, is another popular cathedral. Besides, visit the Mary the Queen Parish and St. Cristo Church.

Walking along the quaint Gaerlan Street that consists of a large number of old buildings belonging to the Spanish era as well as some other city landmarks would be a pleasant experience. Tour the old convent, old Aglipayan cathedral and the historical storehouses close to the highway in this well-preserved street.The Botanical Garden filed with plants, trees and pretty walkways is another preferred site to visit.In San Juan, the sea with clear water and refreshing air has many areas perfect for kayaking and snorkeling.

Enjoy fantastic shopping at Greenhill's Shopping center that consists of a Unimart, a huge supermarket, Shoppesville with numerous fashion stores, a 3 floored v-mall with lots of computers and electronics stores and a promenade with tons of restaurants, bars and theaters.

San Juan has many beautiful beaches to relax, in which the Laiya Beach on city's outskirts and Ilaya Beach are the most visited. The fine Laiya Beach has three miles of fantastic white sand, a subterranean garden and a nearby mangrove trail park. Different types of massages like full body, oil, therapeutic massages are available in San Juan. Trained staff will provide it at the beach, massage cabana or in the resort room.

This city has many beach fronts ideal for surfing. Also, enjoy delightful fishing in its rivers and sea.Take a pleasant voyage of the scenic areas, while you are in San Juan. Many resorts arrange boat tours or you can just ask one the local fishermen.

Mt.Amuyao is the country's third highest mountain and you can enjoy a stunning view from its top. Lambanog, the unique coconut spirit is a favorite drink in San Juan and also one of its biggest industries. Try lambanog during your San Juan trip but take care to dilute the strong drink before tasting.There are many good restaurants in San Juan that include Ling Nam, Angel's Kitchen, and the Golden Ribbon Restaurant.


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