The Most Interesting Beach in Israel

Israel has some mighty fine beaches, beaches you dream about if you're stuck in an office somewhere in a cold, northern Europe office block, or downtown New York on a cold, winter's day; from the shores of the Sea of Galilee, to the Mediterranean coast (including the fine beaches of Tel Aviv), to the Dead Sea and down to the clear, coral-rich Red Sea. They really all are a beach bum's paradise, and all are worthy of being checked out.

Picking out the best of these beaches is probably mission impossible: everyone will have their own preference and a reason for their choice. But picking out the most interesting beach, or rather the funkiest beach in Israel is a little easier - in my opinion it has to be the Drum beach (Hof HaTofim) in Tel Aviv.

It probably has the worst facilities of all Tel Aviv's beaches, without a restaurant or cafe of its own, no lifeguard station nearby and an almost rundown look and feel, especially at street level. But what it lacks in looks, it certainly makes up for in charm, especially on Friday afternoons. Every Friday, this beach becomes the meeting point for a whole posse of drummers and performance artists, which is fun and interesting to see. You can almost imagine yourself on a beach in Goa or Thailand, it's that funky. Crowds often gather on the nearby rocks to watch both the performers, the drummers, and of course, the sunset. The rhythm of the drummers will keep your feet tapping well after the sun has sunk into the cool blue water of the Mediterranean...


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