Kun Iam Temple - A Symbol of China's Rich Heritage

Dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy, Kun Iam Temple is foremost among Macau's grandest temples. The ancient religious sanctuary originated in the 13th century and the present buildings were completed during the Ming Dynasty in 1627 adding an important historical dimension to the holy premises. It has been recorded that Marco Polo received religious instruction in Kun Iam Temple. It was also the venue for the signing of the first Chinese-American treaty of commerce and friendship on the 3rd of July 1844 manifesting its central importance in many aspects of Chinese life.

The temple is composed of three main halls and several minor shrines. The Hall of Sakyamuni which faces the majestic entrance houses a gilded Buddha statue flanked by two others as well as a bronze bell which dates over 300 hundred years. The Longevity Hall encases an artistically created Buddha of Longevity whose serene and benign countenance symbolizes Lord Buddha's attempt to eradicate the suffering and sorrow of all beings. Accorded the greatest importance among the principal shrines, The Kun Iam Hall contains a richly arrayed statue of the Goddess of Mercy set in the centre of 18 Buddha statues. The hall leads to funeral chapels and exhibits of ancient scrolls depicting beautiful calligraphy and pictures honoring Kun Iam. Open courtyards and beautiful gardens speckled with fountains and memorial shrines to deceased monks adorn the magnificent temple premises. The grounds also contain four intricately entwined ancient Bunyan trees. Known as "The Lovers", the trees symbolize marital fidelity making Kun Iam Temple an epitome of the traditional Chinese values of Longevity, Love and Fidelity.

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