Icmeler: A Guide to This Turkish Resort

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Turkey is a place with everything: beaches, long walks, golf, night-life, fantastic food, as well as plenty of luxury and cheap hotels to choose from. But, being such a large country, you need to do your homework. Here's a guide to the Turkish resort of Icmeler.

Icmeler is an ideal mix of Mediterranean and Aegean, and its natural surroundings are characteristically paradisical: lush, teeming grasslands, pine forests and impressive mountains. Icmeler also benefits from a long, clean coast, punctuated by ashen sands and azure waters. Indeed, the region has even won the prestigious International Blue Flag on several occasions. The sun shines for two-thirds of the year, up to 250 days a year, meaning travellers can take full advantage of the temperate climate. The temperature is typically around 20 - 25 degrees centigrade during high season, which is between April and December.

Icmeler has a small population of just ten thousand, which includes a mix of indigenous folk and ex-pats who have settled to enjoy the healthy living and beautiful environs.

The night-life in Icmeler is popular with locals and tourists alike, with many bars, nightclubs and events, such as karaoke. Top clubs include The Pleasure and Eastenders, which are both open until the early hours, and provide typically on-the-pulse music. The bars serve various kinds of wine, but make sure to taste the local stuff - the Aegean region is considered an excellent location for wine production. Raki is the traditional Turkish drink - though it is mild in flavour and taste, it packs a 45% alcohol punch, so be careful!

In terms of restaurants, it's always best to hang out where the local do. In this case, the Old Famous Kitchen is perfect, serving a mix of indigenous food and Chinese cuisine, all set in a traditional atmosphere. The Turkish specialities served include gozleme, which are spinach and cheese pancakes, and ayran, a local yoghurt drink. For those seeking a curry, the Taj Mahal is well-rated, and for English people missing a full breakfast, the Blue Fox will make you feel right at home.

Taking a day trip to see regional sights is a must. The best include: Selimiye, an old Greek fishing village, which is famous for its seafood restaurants, and the remains of an impressive old castle. The Selale waterfall is essential for anyone who relishes sightseeing. Located not far from Icmeler, the walk to the waterfall is highlighted by butterflies and lush flora. Be sure to remember your bathing suit for a swim too!


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