How to Enjoy Visiting Angkor Wat Temple

Travel to Cambodia

If you have never visited Angkor Wat temple before, knowing some tips for enjoying visiting Angkor Wat is a really cool thing. As Angkor Wat is the most famous temple in Cambodia we can enjoy visiting this temple in the early morning and late afternoon which means it can be a little bit hot in the noon. But visiting in the late afternoon is so much wonderful. You can wait and see the sun set, Super cool view if you can see it from Angkor Wat temple. You can see more people come to this great temple rather than in the morning.

When you arrive Siem Reap province, which this great temple is located in, don't just expect to see Angkor Wat, you may have to spend some few days or a week to visit as many other temples near Angkor Wat. Those temples are greatly designed and built in the ancient time of Cambodia which show the strong relationship and collaboration of the people in that period. In this case, you should rent a bike which you can find easily. One more you can also try Tuk Tuk, which most of the Tuk Tukl driver can speak English and many languages, so they can be your friendly tour guide. But don't forget buy a guide book which can describe the temple history, and also can tell you the best time to visit those temples, so you can ensure that you can divide your time effectively.

As the weather in Cambodia can be a little bit hot for you, so drinking much water is a good ideal, but you can also find pure drinking water are sold everywhere. You can find tons of restaurants in this great place, when you can choose which one that is suitable for you that may depend on price or the kind of food you like.

Another great tips, is always wearing the hat and sun classes if you are not very good of being under the sun light. But you must assure that you always take off you hat when speaking with Cambodian people; it is the main key of morality in Cambodia.

Bringing camera with you every time is a must when visiting this temple. Because you can take million of photos which greatest view of Angkor Wat. But if you don't have one is OK, you can simply hire cameraman to do this job for you with some fee.


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