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As the third largest city in Germany, Munich has not only the beautiful architecture and history one would expect from a European city but it also has a modern flair and vibrancy. Here the annual Oktoberfest is held drawing millions of tourist every year to experience the fine culture, food, and beer. The buildings here are superbly preserved despite the damage done during the Second World War. Numerous international companies and universities have people flocking here from around the world causing Munich to have one of the highest qualities of life in Europe. Come explore some of the best things to see and do in the breathtaking city of Munich.

The City Center

The majority of tourist attractions can be found in the city center. Here you will also find a wealth of hotels to fit any budge so staying here while you explore the city will just make your stay that much more enjoyable. Munich is a very walkable city, especially here in the city center. There are fantastic mass transit systems though available when you decide to explore the outer neighborhoods.

The Frauenkirche cathedral was built in the 15th century and it one of the most iconic buildings towering above the skyline in Munich. This monstrous church was heavily damaged during the war but has since been painstakingly preserved and few would recognize the difference. From the "devil's footstep" at the entrance to classic works of art on the wall, this cathedral is the spiritual heart of the city and a must-see. Other historic churches are also found in the city center such as Asamkirche, Peterskirche and Theatinerkirche.

Marienplatz, or Mary's Square, has been the center of city life since the 12th century. Now, usually packed with tourist, it is still a place to see history. The large column dedicated to the Virgin Mary not only celebrated the city's victory over invaders but also their ability to survive disease and starvation. You will find the beautiful fish fountain and the Old Town Hall as well.

The people of Munich have a high standard of living and with money to spend, there is plenty of shopping in the City Center. One of which is the Maximillianstrasse. This area has high end shops and café serving champagne with sophisticated Germans enjoying an afternoon. You can find the palace of the old Bavarian kings as well.

English Garden

Some may wonder why they would bother seeing an area known as "English Garden" while enjoying your trip to Germany, but this charming and trendy neighborhood is a must-see. Here many artists, musicians, and writers call this area home. You'll find unique bookstores, art galleries, and cafes. It's a great place to enjoy getting away from some of the heavily touristed areas.

The massive park here is larger than New York's Central Park and attracts locals especially on warm spring and summer days. There are lush wooded areas, babbling creeks and lakes here making it a natural oasis is a large city. Beware though visiting during the lunch hours and nudity is perfectly acceptable here and many locals don their birthday suits to soak up some rays on their break. You'll also find beergartens, a Japanese Temple and a Chinese Tower, relics of the city's fascination with Asia during the 18th century.


The neighborhood of Maxvorstadt is an artsy and academic haven in the city. Here two of Germany's top universities are located and is often referred to as the "brain" of the city. The neighborhood also has several museums and art galleries as well. Nearby is the English Garden area as well as some beautiful botanical gardens.

This neighborhood has seen many famous Germans including the man who attempted to assassinate Hitler before the outbreak of the war, Georg Elser, who now has a memorial erected in this neighborhood. You'll also find theaters, bars, restaurants and plenty of accommodations. During December, there is a large Christmas market dating back to the medieval ages here as well.

Events and Activities

Outside of Munich lie the picturesque Neuschwanstein and Linderhof castles. Nestled in the Bavarian mountains, these fairy tale castles have daily tours where a guide can fill you in on all of the area's history. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Munich during the famed Oktoberfest you will not only get your fill of some of the best beer in the world but also some unique German traditional song and dance. The city practically stops to celebrate as millions of tourists from around the world flood the city. From parades, games, shows, and costumes, the largest party in the world is certainly a must-see and a one of a kind experience. If you can't make the fall extravaganza, no worries though as there are year around pub crawls for those seeking some adventures in the pushing the limits of the liver.


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