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Davao City is an emerging industry that aims to be part of the progress of globalization. But amidst the continuous modernization, what's great about the city is that its government aims to preserve its natural resources. Though it's evident that some of the forms of urbanization nowadays may cause harm to the environment, the locals of Davao still believe that the only way to prosper is to learn how balance the two sectors equally. Still, Davao's natural resources are quite a sight to see. From its scenic white sand Samal Island beaches down to its Mt. Apo trekking adventures, this city remains a natural wonder to its locals and visitors alike.

Aside from the tourism industry, Davao holds many other industries that help keep the city's economy ongoing. Blessed with natural resources, here's a list of the city's thriving industries.

Agriculture Industry

Agriculture is Davao's major industry thanks to its vast lands and lush forests. Its major trade production are bananas as the city is the Philippines' largest banana exporter. The city exports its harvest to countries such as US, Europe, Japan, China, Russia and Canada. Along with this are other types of fruits such as durian, lanzones, mangoes, mangosteen, marang and more.

Other than fruits, Davao is also a large rice producer. Its mountainous region provides abundance in the lumber industry. Moreover, its abaca, cacao and rubber industries are thriving as well.

Mining Industry

There are numerous mines that surround the region of Davao giving the city an ample produce of iron and copper. Other than that, the regions' mountainous areas are proven to give off geothermal power.

Fishing Industry

As a city that has a gulf, no wonder Davao boasts a wide variety of sumptuous seafood. Fish and crustaceans are bountiful in the city. In fact, seafood prices are recorded cheaper here compared to that of Metro Manila. Fishing is one of the main livelihoods of the people.

These industries in Davao has been in the city's trade and commerce ever since. As natural produce is what keeping the city's economy alive, the government together with its locals helps preserve Davao's blessings.

Because of this, the city's tourism is booming as well. From the beach trips, nature adventure activities and urban lifestyle, Davao is definitely worth seeing. For those who haven't been in the city yet, it's easier to travel when you've availed a tour package from well reputed traveling agencies. With planned out itineraries, touring Davao can be such a breeze.


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