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Hiking Jiangxi. Jiangxi is one of those provinces that you might overlook when planning your China travel itinerary. Not only full of bucolic scenery, Jiangxi also enjoys convenient train ride radiating around Shanghai. From the towering Sanqing Mountain to the picturesque Wuyuan village, Jiangxi has much to offer for visitors. If you have a comfortable pair of shoes and are looking for exploring China's country life, Jiangxi could be the best choice for you.

Yuanyang Rice Terrace. Yuanyang Rice Terrace is the testimony to the wonderfully intimate relationship that the local Hani people have with the sublime landscape they live in. Rising like the giant steps, the intricate terrace are a stunning sight at any time of the year. When it is flooded, the sun's rays are dancing off the water at sunrise or sunset, they are absolutely mesmerizing. Making sure your camera has enough space before heading to the beguiling Yuanyang Rice Terrace is kindly recommended.

Li River scenery, Guangxi. It is hard to exaggerate the beauty of Li River, one of the seductive scenery harbor travelers tend to have of China, with weeping willow leaning over the bubbling streams, farmers sowing the field against backdrop of mossy-green jagged limestone peaks. Cruising along the Li River, visitors could immerse themselves in a picturesque unfold painting scroll of sublime scenery. It is absolutely captivating.

The Giant Buddha, Leshan. Before visiting the jaw-dropping Leshan Giant Buddha, visitors may have read much statistics about it, its ear is as long as 7 meters. You may cannot believe that until you descend the step and stand besides the Buddha's feet, with its toenails at the same level as your eyes. You would be shocked by its unbelievable massiveness.

Learning Taichi. Taichi, the quintessence of Chinese culture, is a branch of Chinese martial art. Practicing Taichi daily could extend the lifespan, so it is ubiquitous to see the elders practicing Taichi in the park. Many foreign travelers particularly find a teacher in Beijing, Shanghai and Wudangshan Mountain to learn Taichi, which would add much magic and mystery to their China experience.

Labrang Monastery. As a strong source of spiritual power, the Labrang Monastery cast its spell far and wide, which appeals numerous devout pilgrims to pray here despite of long journey. With great trekking opportunities plus an intriguing ethnic mix, Labrang Monastery is a fascinating corner of China.

If you want to discover China further, the above places are all what you can not miss! Head to discover this great middle kingdom and you will never be disappointed!


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