Boracay Island

Boracay Island Boracay Island Boracay Island
Boracay is best enjoyed with family and friends. Have a go at family bonding--play cards, catch up under the stars, or just simply be with each other! Boracay is a place where you can do or not do a thing and it will still be enchanted.

Located in the western part of Visayas, the world-renowned beach paradise emerges--Boracay. Beach lover hails Boracay as the mother of all beaches and a must-go travel destination of all time. Boracay continues to charm its guests with the clear blue soft waters and glittering fine white sands. The entirety of Boracay's coastline is just 7 km long but every year, hundreds of thousands people, Filipinos and foreigners alike, makes way to experience the magical shores of Boracay. It is also consists of various beaches and stations that offers various water activities, delicacies, views, and many more. All of them are equally beautiful and fulfilling as the next.

There's just so many things one can do in Boracay and you'll surely never be bored during your vacation there. It is a great place for adventure seekers with special fondness for extreme water sports. It is hailed as the kite surfing capital of the country and offers various water activities everyone can try. Boracay had been a favorite summer place ever since, but did you know that all-year round, Boracay still attracts guests from all over the world? That is how much Bora is loved by people. Many say that once you had a taste of Boracay, you'd keep coming back for more and every experience has wonderful memories on its own.

Destination weddings, pre-nuptial photo shoots, and family vacations are also big on Boracay. Imagine the most perfect sunsets (and sunrise, too!) with your loved ones...who can resist that? It is in Boracay that you can just have fun whatever choice of activities you chose to do. Whether you wanted to scuba dive, or do extreme water sports, swim, or just sun bathe in the warm sun, enjoyment will surely follow. Guests of Boracay also enjoy the Filipino style massages or Hilot as we know it, offered by the locals. Thai or Swedish or whatever foreign massages are no match for the comfort and relaxation the all-original-Hilot offers. Forget for a while the expensive massages from spas and revel into the goodness of our own Hilot. That way, you get to save money, experience a satisfying massage, and what’s best is you’ll help the locals.

So you've dipped into the clear blue waters, woke up to the most refreshing sunrise, walked into the white fine sands, sun bathed under the shade of trees, tried kite surfing, did beach hopping, eaten the most sumptuous local delicacies of the place, what's more to do? Of course, your Boracay experience wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the Night Life! Every day, after the people watched the most romantic sunsets ever, they flocked in the various nightspots in the place. In the different stations across Boracay, many bistros, restaurants, bars, music lounges, and stalls that offer live band music, good food, and a sure lot of fun. Have a pick on what food you like to eat because Boracay houses both local and international cuisines like Greek, Asian, Mexican, etc.

If the night scene isn't your taste, then you can opt to enjoy the solitary shores of Boracay with your loved ones. Boracay is best enjoyed with family and friends. Have a go at family bonding--play cards, catch up under the stars, or just simply be with each other! Boracay is a place where you can do or not do a thing and it’ll still be enchanted.


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