An Overview of Skiing and Snowboarding in Japan

Japan remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Many will be of the impression that visiting Japan is best in the summer because this is the most active time of the year for vacation activities. Anyone with this impression might be surprised to discover wintertime offers active sportive opportunities in Japan. Yes, you would be correct if you guessed Japan is one of the most perfect destinations for skiing and snowboarding.

Snow does not begin to fall in Japan until October. December is when the season begins and the high season for skiing and snowboarding will be around January and February. The winter sport season will remain in effect until about April when the warmer months put an end to winter.

There are quite a number of different towns and localities where ski resorts are located. The two most popular locations would be Hokkaido and Nagano. This should not come as a surprise since both of these sites were picked for previous Winter Olympics games.

One thing that needs to be understood about skiing and snowboarding in Japan is that skiing is still the more commonly catered to sport. This is not due to any bias. Rather, as in other parts of the world, snowboarding is a relatively new sport. Most resorts will cater to the traditional sport of skiing and considering older vacationers will lean more towards skiing vs. snowboarding this is understandable. However, snowboarding in Japan has certainly experienced a boost in popularity due to the respect the sport has garnered due to its inclusion in the Olympics. Many ski resorts in Japan have been revamped so that they can accommodate snowboarders. The inclusion of half pipes at many resorts is clear evidence of this.

Those traveling to Japan probably are curious about the costs of a resort pass. $50 - $60 per day would be the common price to pay at a major ski resort. Smaller resorts would commonly have lower fees.

Most travelers will likely look towards acquiring passes that extend beyond a single day. Such needs can be easily accommodated. Weekly, monthly, and even seasonal passes can be purchased. Travelers may also wish to purchase different passes from different resorts since this will give them the opportunity to visit more than one resort. One of the most enjoyable aspects of visiting Japan involves....visiting Japan! In other words, you do not want to feel locked into a single resort in a single region of Japan since there are so many amazing sites to see and ski slopes to explore in the vast country.

One way to make it easier to explore the Japanese skiing experience would be to sign on with a tour package. Guided tours ensure you do not miss out on any special destinations when you want to see all that Japan has to offer in the realm of skiing and snowboarding. More importantly, however, a guided trip can make your vacation much easier since everything is planned out in advance by the touring service.

Regardless of how you plan out your visit to Japan, you need to put those plans into motion. Japan is a fantastic ski region. Consider it a must visit country if you are a serious skiing enthusiast.


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