5 Things You Did Not Know About the Great Wall of China

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It is considered to be a part of the 8 Wonders of the World, and has continued to amaze visitors from all over the world with its unique structure and far reach. The Great Wall of China is definitely a marvel to behold, spanning over a thousand kilometers and is one attraction that can practically be visited from a variety of area points. Originally intended as a means of protection for the Chinese Empire's northern reaches and built during the 5th century, this never fails to impress tourists from all over the world. Since its construction, more and more walls have been built into it, thus becoming the famed wall that we know today.

One of the most famed portions of this historically significant monument can actually be visited by travelers in a day by taking the Beijing route. However, it would be handy to know that the most visited sections of the wall are actually Badaling & Juyongguan. The former can be reached by visitors by way of Tiananmen Square or the subway station in Jishuitan. However, if you want a less crowded section where you can truly bask in the atmosphere and the scenery, perhaps you would want to consider the Mutinyau section, which is a bit further from the Badaling section. You may also ride a ski lift if you want to travel around the area without walking. For other sections you may wish to visit, there are the Jinshanling, Simatai and Gubeikou sections. The Old Dragon's Head, which is located at Shanhaiguan, actually juts into the sea and is a good 3 hours' worth of travel from Beijing. The sunken section of the Great Wall is known to its people as the Panijiakou Reservoir. If you want to take a look at the wall's well preserved towers, visit the Huangyaguan section.

5 Facts about the Great Wall:

  • It is not a single wall that was intended to be built in a continuous stream. In fact, each wall segment was built during different eras.
  • It is officially recognized as the longest man-made monument or structure in the entire world.
  • As legend states, a dragon was said to be responsible for helping builders trace the route of the great wall.
  • It was during the construction of this structure that the wheelbarrow was introduced.
  • There have been a lot of prominent individuals who have visited the Great Wall of China, including Presidents Nixon, Reagan and Clinton.

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