2 Unspoiled and Tranquil White Beaches in Surigao City That Are Worthy of Visit

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Do you want to spend your weekend in some kind of relaxation in unspoiled and tranquil white beaches after a long hours of work in the office? Are you tired of the hassles of city life and you want something new that are away from the usual daily routine? Then try to visit the white beaches in Surigao city, Surigao del Norte, Philippines.

Sibale Beach, Barangay Zaragoza - it is a two kilometer stretch of white sand beach which is truly adorable and it is fringed with tall coconut trees and verdant vegetation. It is endowed with vast beauty of natural world and the sea is very much ideal for swimming. In here you can experience peace of mind and tranquility you have never been experience with your life before. The sweet sea-breeze and the gentle air will surely renew your spirit. You can find the true essence of life while you are in the comfort of nature.

The tensions in your body will warmly relieve as you lay your body in the surface of the tender grains of the sand. The rays of an early sunlight will surely pamper your skin and it will give some kind of soothing effects in your body that you have not yet felt previously.

This place is accessible by paddle boat or a five-minute trip by motorized boat from Barangay Zaragoza. It is a beautiful place where you can frame your wonderful memories for a lifetime. This fine-looking white beach is a true companion and sincere friend that is always there for you every time your life needs the coddle of the natural surroundings.

Sagisi Beach, Barangay San Jose - allow the warm welcome of the small islands of white sand beach, deep blue sea-waters, and shades from the superior coconut trees to caress your body. Let the fresh ambiance of Sagisi beach cradle you as you move your feet forward on the ground. Permit the million grains of the sand massage your feet and release the stress that lingers in your mind and body. Be in harmony and comfort with undisturbed beauty of nature. On the sea, the island's coral reef abound with marine life is full of excitement to accompany you in your snorkeling and scuba diving activities. Enjoy life with full meaning and happiness it deserve. Conquers all your worries and let mother earth entertains your senses. Sagisi is an hour ride by motorized boat from Surigao city proper yet the experience that you will gain will be far wiser and invigorating.

Pack up and experience what life would be in the palm of Mother Nature. See the beauty of Sibale and Sagisi Beaches, discover the wonder and let the bountiful memory remain in your heart and mind.


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