Waterfalls in Hawaii

Best Natural Attractions in Hawaii

Gifted with sun-drenched beaches, dramatic mountains, palm-fringed blue lagoons, pristine rainforests, cascading waterfalls and rivers meandering their ways through canyons - Hawaii exceeds all expectations of a tropical paradise. The Pacific island group, off mainland USA, comprises 132 islands and atolls. The state of Hawaii consists of eight islands of which seven are inhabited and six allow visitors, and has Honolulu as the capital. There is a wealth of natural attractions that you can explore. Indeed, there is far too much to see and do on any vacation - it is little wonder then that the visitors return to the Aloha State time and again.
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What Do I Do on the Big Island? Visit the Beautiful Waterfall Parks of Windward Hawaii

The windward side of Hawaii Island is famous for its numerous, beautiful waterfalls. Flying into Hilo on rainy day, one is presented with the incredible vision of an island seeming brimming with waterfalls, spuming off from every declivity, crack and canyon in the beach cliffs. Many of these waterfalls are inaccessible, or available for view only by paying admission, but three of the loveliest are located in public parks, either within the city limits of Hilo, or with an easy drive from town.
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The Five Most Popular Waterfalls in Hawaii

It's true that in Hawaii there is water, water everywhere, and we're not just talking about the Pacific Ocean. The state of Hawaii boasts of some of the most startling, breathtaking, unique waterfalls in the world. Below is a list of five of Hawaii's most popular waterfalls.
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Best Locations in Hawaii For Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours are a vacation option that many people do not consider when they think of a Hawaii vacation. Despite that fact, they are one of the most thrilling site-seeing tours that are available on the entire Island chain, offering breathtaking views of amazing Hawaii locations, many of which are inaccessible by other means. Feedback from clients who write about their experience on consumer reports rave about the beaches, tropical forests, volcanoes, craters, endemic plant life, and other sights that they feel are beyond their powers of description. The locations that are commented on most often are Kauai, Hawaii, and Oahu. When you consider what they have to offer, it is easy to see why.
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