War Remnants Museum in Vietnam

War Tourism in and Around Ho Chi Min City - The Top Three Sites

The Vietnamese government has admitted that it is promoting all its war history, but particularly the period it refers to as 'the American War'. Unless one is a military buff, a war historian or someone intimately associated with the Vietnam War, then the three sites in Ho Chi Min City mentioned below, are probably more than enough to satisfy the curious, and those - usually the young - who just want to know what the war was all about. However, visitors should be warned that they will be confronted by some extremely disturbing images, subjected to a fair degree of propaganda, and even experience a touch of Disneyland.
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A Slice of History - Vietnam's Museums and Sites

Vietnam tours fairly fizzle with excitement; even though most people think of this as a sleepy, pastoral land full of rice fields and quaint people on motorcycles, the country bustles with life, culture and history. It features the thriving capital of Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, the Nha Trang coast and World Heritage sites that have been preserved over thousands of years. Vietnam's history, like that of its southeast Asian neighbours, is rich, ancient and grand. Here is just a taste of what you may encounter.
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Top Historical Sites in Vietnam

If you are interested in the religious or wartime history of South East Asia it is most definitely worth booking a place on one of the many exciting Vietnam tours. The knowledgeable guides will be able to give you an ideal introduction to the fascinating sites highlighted in this article. There are many must-see destinations in this wonderful country, but these are just a few.
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The War Remnants Museum - Full Face of War Time Atrocities on Display

The museum opened in September 1975 and was originally called "The House for Displaying War Crimes of American Imperialism and the Puppet Government."
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