Walking in Greece

Walking in Greece - Treading a Wonderland

Why go on a walking in Greece holiday? Quite simply, it's a chance to escape to a world that many of us thought only existed in our dreams - until we visited Greece!
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Walking Through Myth and History in Greece

No country has such famous myths and Greece. Discover the sights behind the stories whilst walking in Greece.
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Enjoyable Walks in the Heart of Athens

Getting around as a pedestrian in certain cities can be as adrenaline-filled as cliff-diving. Dodging cars should simply not have to be a worry on holiday when relaxation and fun tend to take priority. In the lovely bustling city of Athens, a welcome refuge from such unpleasant stress can be found on the Grand Promenade in Athens. Closed to automobiles only a few short years ago, this pedestrian haven is filled to the brim with some of the best historical sites Athens has to offer. On this elegant pedestrian route, you will encounter marble temples, neoclassical museums, and ancient theatres. Of course, all the while you will be casually circling the Acropolis.
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