Turkey is the sixth most-popular tourism destination in the world. Tourism in Turkey is focused largely on a variety of historical sites, and on seaside resorts along its Aegean and Mediterranean Sea coasts. In the recent years, Turkey has also become a popular destination for culture, spa, and health care tourism.

Treasure Of Turkey

Treasure Of Turkey

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Enjoy Cheap Holidays in Altinkum - The Ultimate Beach Resort in Turkey

Do you want to sail in a large, authentic Turkish traditional, wooden Gulet and go along the beautiful waters of Altinkum to watch dolphins? Or do you want to simply sun bathe in the soft, golden sands of this famous resort? Altinkum, near the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, is a fusion of modern and ancient Turkey. It is a purpose-built resort with a friendly, informal and relaxed atmosphere. It is the ultimate destination for cheap holidays in Turkey with your loved ones.
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Top Turkey Holiday Destinations

With one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you can't go wrong if you stay in the resort of Olu Deniz on your holiday in Turkey. The Blue Lagoon beach is known for its exceptional beauty, where crystal clear waters meat pearly white sands. You can spend hours enjoying the glorious sun and warm waters as you spend most of your Turkey holiday on the beach.
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Istanbul's Topkapi Palace

There are plenty of things to see and do in the bustling city of Istanbul. It's often difficult to decide on an itinerary when there are so many historical and architectural wonders on offer. Turkey tours make the most of the unique and fascinating buildings and culture of Istanbul, and feature some amazing locations throughout the city. One of these is the legendary Topkapi Palace, the official residence of the Ottoman Sultans for over 400 years. It's a spectacular sight, and an amazing chance for visitors to set foot inside an iconic piece of Turkish history.
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The Best Activities in Turkey

Turkey is a land with hundreds of possibilities - whether you're a culture buff, love clubbing, want to stay active or simply take in the sights, the country is an ideal location for a holiday. Turkey's activities can stand proudly up against some of the world's best holiday destinations, and there are some which you may not have associated with the country until recently. Here are some of the best and most unexpected....
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The Amazing Beaches of Turkey

The Icmeler Beach in Marmaris is the place for leisure seekers that needs the activities of a typical resort. Paragliding, boating and scuba diving can be arranged. The white sand beach will be a lovely way to enjoy the sun while being pampered by the service oriented hotels dotting the shorelines. Sun beds can be rented at a cheaper price than most resorts. Restaurants and bars are within reach of the beach front.
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Enjoy the Perfect Family Holiday in Icmeler

Planning a family holiday can be tricky as the destination needs to appeal to everybody who will be going on the trip, however, the Turkish resort of Icmeler promises fun and excitement for one and all.
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Shopping in Turkey

With up to 400,000 visitors a day and a history that dates back to the 15th Century a must see site on your holiday in Turkey is the Kapalicarsi also known as the Grand Bazaar. Back in the 15th Century the Bazaar started off as two warehouses, but after several fires, an earthquake and numerous extensions and rebuilds, the Grand Bazaar is now Turkey's largest covered market and is thought to have over 3,000 shops on 61 streets which are named after the products which can be found on them.
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Turkey - Topkapi Palace

In the upper gallery of the Topkapi Palace, 37 portraits of different sultans are displayed in chronological order. Most of them are copies; their originals are in various European countries today.
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Top Reasons to Visit Turkey

Turkey has some specialty that one would like to carry with him to home. Ranging from authentic gifts to carpets, rugs and kilims are some products that you can buy from here. Turkey is also known for its creative and exclusive Turkish carpets.
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Icmeler: A Guide to This Turkish Resort

Turkey is a place with everything: beaches, long walks, golf, night-life, fantastic food, as well as plenty of luxury and cheap hotels to choose from. But, being such a large country, you need to do your homework. Here's a guide to the Turkish resort of Icmeler.
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The Palaces of Turkey

The Topkapi Palace is just as impressive, but it is the interiors that take your breath away more than how it looks from the outside. The palace is made up a series of halls; with each new sultan, a new room was added to the palace, enabling modern visitors on Turkey holidays to track the changes in fashions through the generations.
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Olu Deniz - Turkey's Best Vacation Resort

I first visited Olu Deniz in Turkey in 1994, fell it love with it right away and have since visited another five times. It is breathtaking and the locals are so very friendly. Olu Deniz is situated about an hours car journey from Dalaman airport and a taxi to the resort costs about $60. However, if you book in advance through your hotel you can get this a lot cheaper.
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Top Five Destinations For Holidays in Turkey

There are a number of reasons why Turkey is emerging into the twenty first century as the best place to go on holiday. Turkey has, over recent years, evolved into a reasonably peaceful, stable and commercially viable link between east and west. These factors have meant that Turkey's amazing holiday possibilities have been opened up. We count down the top five destinations you could visit on a Turkish holiday.
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Top 10 Tips for Travel to Turkey

Food in Turkey: Drink only bottled water while in Turkey. Though tap water can be drunk, even the Turks drink only bottled water.
To experience real Turkish food, find restaurants off the main tourist areas. Find restaurants where food and prices are local. Try Raki while eating mezze, small appetizers. Keep track of what you ordered and notice the prices so you will han no surprise when you get the bill. Eat in tiny places, fancy restaurants and huge places - the food is superb!
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Top Destinations in Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful place with some extraordinary holiday regions. It was not so popular in the past but today with development all around, Turkey has become one of the top holiday destinations of the world. This country is flooded with comfortable accommodations and welcomes all its tourists warm heartedly. The natural beauty of this country is just breathtaking and you will surely fall in love with it. There are various destinations in Turkey that are attractive, amazing and beautiful. Some of the top destinations in Turkey are Kemer, Marmaris, Side and Olu Deniz.
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Expert's Choice of Turkey Holiday Destinations

Last but barely the least, Olu Deniz competes with the best beaches of the world with its pearly white sand and sky blue water, it's the perfect resort town for a lazy day to relax and rejoice the fact that you are alive and its so great to be alive. The Blue Lagoon Beach here is by far the most famous to be included in every Turkey holiday and it also houses many resorts that cater to the thousands of tourists that flock here for a piece of the Turkey holiday experience.
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Olu Deniz Turkey Travel Guide

Olu Deniz is backed by the dramatic Babadag Mountains and is home to one of the best beaches in Turkey and is just beside the beautiful Blue Lagoon. The resort is located close to the popular resorts of Marmaris and Fethiye in the Dalaman region of Turkey. Ideal for lounging on Belcekiz Beach or taking part in exhilarating water sports, Olu Deniz offers the perfect beach holiday in a perfect location. In 2011 the beach won an award for Europe's Leading Beach Destination and was also nominated for a World's Leading Beach Destination award. Apart from the beautiful beaches, Olu Deniz is home to one of the world's best paragliding areas and some fascinating ancient sites. The beautiful turquoise lagoon is a protected National Park, ideal for relaxing in the sun and swimming in the warm shallow waters.
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10 Places You Must See When You Visit Turkey

Istanbul is the capital of Turkey, and the only city in the world that is built on two continents, and offers an amazing history, incredible views and plenty to see and do. As the capital city, it has a population of 12 million, and is the trade centre for banks, media and other industries. In addition, there's lots of art and culture, such as opera and ballet, as well as the museums and festivals, and much more.
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Topkapi - Always on Sunday

Topkapi, the movie, is a heist film which takes place at the Topkapi Palace, now a museum, in Istanbul, Turkey. It was directed by Jules Dassin and features his wife Melina Mercouri (recently Minister of Culture in Greece) of 'Never on Sunday' fame, which he also directed and acted in.
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Plan Your Turkey Holidays and Enjoy Your Tour at Top Turkey Beaches

Icmeler Beach: It is a recent beach localized on the bay of Marmaris. Various small rooms are there on the beach for the visitors to stay. Sun resting beds are also kept there always so that you can lie down and warm up your body. It is easily accessible from the Marmaris village by the local buses. It is a beautiful beach and you can cherish your moments always. Covered by a bed of white sand the beach looks graceful. Long pine trees all around makes the beach scenic too.
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Tour Turkey: What to See in Istanbul in Two Days

Istanbul is a city you must see when travelling to Turkey. Istanbul is the world's 5th largest city and Turkey's cultural and financial center. It is located on the Bosphorus Strait and encompasses the natural harbor known as the Golden Horn. It is a magical and romantic city full of history and culture. Following are the best sites to see when you have only a few days to tour Istanbul.
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Top Sights to See on Turkey Tours: Moonscapes, Sacred Springs and More

After you've been to Istanbul and Ankara, what's next? With a landscape that spans two continents, and a history of having been the centre of several thriving civilisations dating as far back as the Bronze Age, it's no wonder even visitors who have been on numerous Turkey tours are always discovering new sights to see and exciting things to do.
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All Inclusive Holidays in Turkey: Sail Gulets to the Greek Islands

Tourists on vacation in Turkey, Greece and the Greek Islands tend to be fond of ferry rides and cruises which are popular during the busy summer months. For a sailing trip with a difference it is possible for groups to rent Gulets, traditional Turkish wood panelled boats that vary in size and can be over 30 metres long. The boats are common in the resorts around Marmaris and Bodrum, two of Turkey's busiest resorts for visiting Brits. Many of the boats still have dual wind and diesel power but for ease of use many of them have Diesel engines and empty masts.
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Top Five Resorts For a Holiday in Turkey

Olu Deniz is home to the most beautiful beach in Turkey, a stunning unspoilt lagoon beach that gives the resort its name. This resort is especially popular with families on holiday in Turkey, as the resort offers family friendly bathing and a relaxed atmosphere.
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