Tuol Sleng Museum in Cambodia

The Best Things to See in Cambodia

Cambodia is bordered by three countries, Vietnam to the East, Laos to the North and Thailand to the West. Therefore, there are three different border crossings you can use to enter the country and three different directions to travel through the country. There is no set route through Cambodia and each way is just as popular as the next.
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Visit to Tuol Sleng - Khmer Rouge Genocide Museum

It was the fourth of November 2004 and we were making our way through the narrow vibrant pathways of the Central Market in Phnom Penh. We were looking for the food court section planning to try out local Khmer breakfast. We stumbled out of the produce section with a couple of staple items--peanuts and longuns (the longuns in Cambodia are small but especially juicy, tasty and cheap)--and found ourselves walking down a long row of butchers. Each stall had a different type of meat. Slabs of freshly cut pork ribs hung in one stand. The next displayed huge cow livers and other offal's. Plucked chickens dangled above an arrangement of chicken feet across the way.
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Khmer Rouge Prison 21 - The Chilling High School In Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

Most travel stories are of the happy-go-lucky variety. Every once in a while, however, one visits a place that evidences the vicious, dark side of mankind. Khmer Rouge Prison 21, known as Tuol Seng, is one such place. It is a stark reminder of the cruelties humanity can visit upon itself.
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Adventures in Cambodia

Whilst the temples of Angkor are worth every accolade that is bestowed upon them (its not every day you get to wander through one of the 7 wonders of the forgotten world!), there is so much more to this incredible country. Take the time to give Cambodia the time and attention it deserves.
Soak up the hazy atmosphere of Phnom Penh where the wild-west meets Asia ; enjoy the national parks around Kompot; the solitude to be found on the southern beaches and the magic of the untamed central highlands.
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