Tower in Egypt

What Are the Most Interesting Places to Visit in Egypt?

Egypt is a land of wonders and civilization. A trip to Egypt is a dream for an avid traveler. The country is full of monuments, sightseeing, attractions, entertainment, beaches with white sand and desert adventure. The choices are varied and exciting for one who is planning a holiday to Egypt.
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What Are Famous and Worth Visiting Landmarks and Monuments at Cairo, Egypt?

Cairo is one of the oldest cities in the world, and its landmarks and monuments are representatives of ancient civilization. The city is known as tourist's gym. The whole city is full of tourist's attractions. Visitors take flights to Cairo to visit historical monuments and land marks such as; Bab el-Fateh, Cairo Tower, Citadel (Al-Qalaa), and Great Sphinx. These historical sights are world famous and have their unique importance.
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Famous Landmarks In Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is a city that is full of ancient landmarks and beautiful modern buildings. It is also the capital city of Egypt. The landmarks have historical memories that visitors should inquire about while in this beautiful African country. This city covers an area of over 453 square kilometers and it is situated on the banks of both River Nile and the Delta River. The city is also the largest in Africa and was built more than 6000 years ago. The city has also served as the capital of the various Egyptian civilizations. It is a busy town with many business establishments, universities, hotels, government offices and many cultural institutions.
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