Topkapi Palace in Turkey

Istanbul's Topkapi Palace

There are plenty of things to see and do in the bustling city of Istanbul. It's often difficult to decide on an itinerary when there are so many historical and architectural wonders on offer. Turkey tours make the most of the unique and fascinating buildings and culture of Istanbul, and feature some amazing locations throughout the city. One of these is the legendary Topkapi Palace, the official residence of the Ottoman Sultans for over 400 years. It's a spectacular sight, and an amazing chance for visitors to set foot inside an iconic piece of Turkish history.
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Turkey - Topkapi Palace

In the upper gallery of the Topkapi Palace, 37 portraits of different sultans are displayed in chronological order. Most of them are copies; their originals are in various European countries today.
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The Palaces of Turkey

The Topkapi Palace is just as impressive, but it is the interiors that take your breath away more than how it looks from the outside. The palace is made up a series of halls; with each new sultan, a new room was added to the palace, enabling modern visitors on Turkey holidays to track the changes in fashions through the generations.
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Topkapi - Always on Sunday

Topkapi, the movie, is a heist film which takes place at the Topkapi Palace, now a museum, in Istanbul, Turkey. It was directed by Jules Dassin and features his wife Melina Mercouri (recently Minister of Culture in Greece) of 'Never on Sunday' fame, which he also directed and acted in.
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Some Important Tips to Know About Istanbul Before Travelling to Turkey

Istanbul is a very big city. There are eleven million official habitants. The number indicated in the records does not show the reality. The real number is around twenty million and it makes the life in Istanbul miserable sometimes.
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