Todaiji Temple in Japan

Tourist Attractions In Japan

Situated on the eastern end of Asia, Japan is a large island nation whose history dates back to 5th century. Japan is the third richest country in the world and is an incredible place to visit with numerous varieties of museums, galleries, palaces, gardens, cultural centers and temples.
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Coolest Places to Visit in Japan

Nara was Japan's first permanent capital city. This mysterious city has so many Romantic and peaceful things to do - Todaiji Temple housing a huge image of Buddha, colorful Kasuga Shrine with 3,000 lanterns, and the Deer Park, where tame deer roam freely. This is for sure one of the Top Japan Tourism Attractions.
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Traveling in Japan - A Rewarding Experience For Those Who Love Cultur

Despite being a well-known and respected country all around the world, unfortunately few Western tourists visit Japan. Perhaps that is due to the misconception that Japan is an extremely expensive country, an idea that stems from the bubble era in Japan when things were expensive relative to Western countries. But nowadays prices in Japan are on par with those of North America and Western Europe. Another reason few tourists come to Japan is that there is no standout tourist attraction. China has the Great Wall, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Italy has the Coliseum, but what does Japan have? The truth is that Japan has a lot of value to offer the visitor, but that value is not to be found in any single site. It is to be found in the overall experience and cultural richness of Japan.
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Buddhist Temples in Japan

The Todaiji Temple was built in 752 in Nara. It is reputed to be the largest wooden building in the world. It also has the largest bronze statue of Buddha in Japan.
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