Surfing in Surigao

Top 3 Hidden Treasures of Surigao Del Sur

I was born in Tandag, Surigao del Sur, Philippines. It is located in the Eastern Part of Mindanao. It is known for the dusty, poor roads. I never thought that it would be improved in my lifetime! But not until two years ago, when construction of the Surigao del Sur highway started.
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2 Unspoiled and Tranquil White Beaches in Surigao City That Are Worthy of Visit

Do you want to spend your weekend in some kind of relaxation in unspoiled and tranquil white beaches after a long hours of work in the office? Are you tired of the hassles of city life and you want something new that are away from the usual daily routine? Then try to visit the white beaches in Surigao city, Surigao del Norte, Philippines.
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Surfing Capital of the Philippines - Siargao Island

Surigao del Norte is a province located in Caraga Region of Mindanao in the Philippines. Its capital is called Surigao City, the province is also consists of two major islands, which is the Siargao Island and Bucas Grande Island. These islands are just a small region in the northern tip of Mindanao. Surigao is also the home of Mamanwa Ethnic tribe and during the Bonok-Bonok Festival they showcase their own ethnic dance. Bonok-Bonok is a local festival that is held annually on September 10 at the feast of San Nicolas de Tolentino, it shows gratitude to God for bountiful harvest and good health. The Major dialect is called Surigaonon but majority can speak Tagalog and English.
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2 Amazing and Mysterious Caves in Surigao City That Will Surely Awaken Your Senses

Surigao City, Surigao del Norte, Philippines has been known as the "City of Island Adventure" and it consists of many different natural attractions that tourist will love to travel around. It is a small city composes of several islands and it is filled with the abundances of nature's beauty. Today, I will be introducing two amazing and mysterious caves in Surigao city from the many natural attractions a visitor can choose from. Now, let me be your guide in exploring these caves, please allow your spirit and let your senses discover the true beauty and wonder, the mother earth can offer.
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Another Top Summer Destination in the Philippines: Siargao

Fun and adventure is what we have in mind as summer starts. It is treating ourselves to pure pleasure and relaxation after a yearlong of working, studying, or just doing nothing. And there is nothing more fun than exploring with the best nature can provide. Top on the list is Siargao Island. Considered to be the "Surfing Capital of the Philippines", it is a tear-drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea, located in the province of Surigao del Norte, North-eastern part of Island Mindanao. It has the best surfing waves and a worldwide reputation for its thick, hollow and heavy right hand barrel tubes known as Cloud 9. It is a reasonably affordable destination for surfers and adventure-seekers with inexpensive accommodations, restaurants and bars to choose from.
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