Surfing in La Union

Surfing and Pinay Girls - Babe Watching in San Juan La Union

Great waves for surfing, hot bodies for watching and crazy night life for non stop fun! These are some words to describe the surfing capital of the north that is La Union in the tropical Philippines. You may need to endure a seven to eight hour trip by bus from Manila, the country's capital. But the sacrifice is definitely worth it.
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Tourist Activities in San Juan, Philippines

San Juan is an important city situated at the geographical center of the National Capital Region of the Philippines. The small city was the location of the Philippine revolt for independence by the Filipino radical organization, against Spanish colonial rule. This scenic city has many tourist attractions and this is an overview of them.
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Travel Guide to the Top 10 Best Philippine Beaches

7,107 beautiful islands. That's how many islands our country, the Philippines has been blessed with. And most of these islands boast of powdery white sand Philippine beaches. From the big islands of Luzon and Mindanao to the smaller islands of Boracay, Siquijor, Camotes, Camiguin, Bohol, and Palawan, our long and expansive coastline with tropical beaches makes it ideal for water sports, sun bathing and general rest and relaxation. No wonder tourism is one of the major industries in the country as Philippine beaches draws in millions of tourists each year.
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Diving in the Philippines: Diving Hotspots in Luzon

The Philippines is a country that is composed of islands. Currently, there are about 7,000 islands that are scattered around a big body of water and unspoiled beaches can be found almost anywhere. There is about 40,000 square kilometers of coral reefs that can be seen bustling with marine life in the country. Diving in the Philippines is surely a treat for any enthusiast, as the country has a lot of diving hotspots that can be visited any time of the year.
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Beautiful Things to Do in the Philippines

There are so many beautiful places to go and see in the world. There are so many blogs and websites that aims to let the whole world know about the many spectacular places to go and visit in the Philippines. The country blessed with tropical weather and bounty of fresh fruits, sea foods and vegetables is also blessed with so many natural resources that completes the backdrop for a tropical paradise.
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Philippines Surfing if You Want to Miss the Crowds

Philippines surfing is not quite a destination that would conjure up images of brilliant surfing breaks. Truth be told surfing in the Philippines can be fickle, but if you are after an adventure, are willing to go off the beaten track and are not afraid to try something different, then surfing in the Philippines will not disappoint you.
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