Sites to See in Greece

Historical Sites to See on Turkey Holidays

If you take your holidays in Turkey in Istanbul, you won't need to visit the museums to get a sense of history, because you'll see it all around you. The city itself is full of amazing ancient streets and walls, towers and palaces. However, the Istanbul Archaeology Museum is a good value visit for Turkey holidays since it is not one museum but a combination of three: the main Archaeological Museum, the Museum of the Ancient Orient, and the Museum of Islamic Art. There is an array of relics to see here: ottoman artefacts, a number statues, columns, and sarcophagi. The most well-known sarcophagus here is the one intended for Alexander the Great. Alexander was history's greatest military commander responsible for amassing a huge empire that included Turkey, stretching from Greece in the West to India in the east and south into Egypt.
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Must See Attractions in Greece - Santorini's Stunning Sunset

Think of Greece and the Greek Islands and you think of classic whitewashed domed houses, sunny weather, clear blue seas and beautiful coastlines. With so many Greek Islands to choose from and so many places to visit as a holidaymaker, it's hard to choose where to go on holiday in Greece. There are always plenty of late deals to choose from and a variety of accommodation options from self catering to all inclusive.
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3 Attractions You Should See in Greece

There are many places in Greece where you should go. Among them some are 'must-see' spot for the visitors. Delphi is one of them. It is located in three hours by bus from Athens in Greece. Gulf of Corinth which has an excellent view is in here. It was a belief that Delphi was the center of the World. UNESCO declared it as a World Heritage site. Temple of Apollo, Doric temple and Sanctuary of Athena are here. They are the ancient ruins. Tholos is called the most photographed monuments which is a circular structure. Oracle is another attraction here. In classical period Oracle was the place of wisdom. There are two museums here with great collections. Delphi is perfect place for skiing and mountain climbing. Delphi is 29 miles away from city Delphi. Anyone can get there with bus, train or ferries.
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Seeing the Sights of Athens Through Taxi Tours

There is no denying how Athens is one of the most important sites in the world for political, economic and aesthetic advancement and enhancement. For many people, it IS the most significant place in the world, period. And this birthplace of western philosophy seems to have fanned its mysticism throughout the ages. Today, Athens is still one of the most visited sites in the world. Many people want to retrace the footsteps of famous philosophers, writers and artists. Not to mention that Athens has a rugged beauty that merits separate praise.
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