Sites to See in China

Top 10 Things to See in China

Culturally, China has one of the most rich histories of all civilizations that encompasses over 5,000 years. This is rich stuff for a traveler. A vast and extraordinary country spanning thousands of miles from the deserts in the west to the ocean on the east, China is also rich in breathtaking natural scenery. The following top 10 things are strongly recommended. Map showing the locationsof the following attractions can be found at
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The Best Places to Spot Pandas in China

Pandas are the amiable icon of south central China, and still an endangered species throughout the world. Officially known as the giant panda to distinguish from the red panda, these animals live off of a 99 per cent bamboo-based diet, which is actually one of the main causes of their plummeting numbers, as this food source has dwindled in recent years. Nevertheless, here are some of the best places to see these magnificent animals during holidays in China.
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China's Top 7 - Seven Places to Visit in Mainland China

China is a country on the move. Peasant farmers are moving to the cities in vast numbers and creating a huge growth in production and demand of resources. In this push in creating the modern China I hope the things that have made China great in the past are not forgotten. China is so huge and there is so much to see this list is almost impossible to limit to just 7, but I'll try.
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Top Historic Sites to Visit in China

China has an extremely rich social and economic history that has been documented throughout the centuries. International tourists come here after hearing the fascinating ancient stories and learning about the different beliefs of the native people. They often visit the hugely interesting sites highlighted in this article.
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