Sights to See in Korea

Seoul at First Sight - Traveling Around the City on a Budget

Across the Seoul City Hall are couples skating in the center of the bright-lit Seoul Plaza, half-oblivious and half-absorbed with the gentle snow drizzle...Passers-by, on the other hand, race against time to catch the busy subway...These are images of a multi-faceted Seoul-a city full of life, romance, advancement, youthfulness, modernity and heritage. It is stunningly beautiful, refreshingly alive and simply mesmerizing.
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Hyesan is the Place to Visit in North Korea

This really is a frontier city that lies around the Ryanggang province of North Korea. Hyesan is often a transportation and commercial hub, not to mention the administrative hub of Ryanggang Province. A single can arrive at Hyesan from other North Korean cities by railway.
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Things to See on Your Holidays in South Korea

Yet another country in the East Asia, South Korea is the other half of North Korea. It has been divided with the Demilitarized zone and remains as popular as it did before. There are thousands of tourists who throng to visit this place, since they are curious to know more and wish to learn about the differences between the countries.
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North Korea - Holiday in a Secret State

First of all, and the question that many people ask me when I tell them about a trip I made back in '05: Why the hell did you go to North Korea?! The answer is simple: I like to do things a little differently. Most people think a great holiday is sitting on a beach in Thailand for a week, burning themselves and getting hammered every night, waking up around midday etc. I would much prefer to see places and do things so that when I come back from my holiday I've got a feeling of accomplishment. I wasn't really looking at holiday destinations when I was browsing the BBC news website and a story about DPRK's nuclear ambitions when I saw a link entitled, Holidays in North Korea. In that article I read about a company called Koryo Tours and from then my interest rose hugely. This company, run out of a Beijing office by 2 British guys, arranged visas and did regular tours to DPRK throughout the year, during which you had the chance of visiting and seeing things most of the world will never see.
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Tourist Attractions in Gyeongju, South Korea

Korea has many tourist destinations, and Gyeongju has a vast number in a small area. I have listed the main tourist destinations as specified by the official tourist map of Gyeongju. As you can see, there are many locations to visit and many things to see. If you are in a certain area (i.e. Down town Gyeongju) you could quite easily see most of the major attractions if you wanted to, as they are often quite near to each other. All of the down town attractions are within easy walking distance of each other.
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Seoul - A Family Holiday Destination

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and is the home of a number of palaces and fun activities. It is a wonderful place to experience the old and new of Asia. This place is well knit with the rest of the country with various modes of transport like plane, train, bus, car and boat. This article discusses the places to go in Seoul and various fun activities in this beautiful city for you.
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