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Rotterdam Tourist Attractions, Nightlife, Shopping and Transport Inforamtion

Rotterdam is a city in the South Holland and located in the west of the Netherlands. Rotterdam is second largest municipalities in Holland with population around 5,95,000.Rotterdam is also popular for being the largest port in Europe. Architectural in Rotterdam is world-famous and it is called as city of Architecture. As Rotterdam weather is always pleasant throughout the year but a visit in summer or spring season to this city is really wonderful. Rotterdam is magnificent metropolis, where you can enjoy splendid shopping, sparkling nightlife, world-class architectural and great events.
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Top Travel Destinations in Europe

Booking a dream holiday is an exciting time but if you're traveling to Europe what are the top travel destinations in Europe to visit? There are so many travel destinations in Europe to visit and so many reasons to travel its hard to know which the best places to visit are.
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10 Essential Stops for Europe First-Timers

Known to have the most romantic nationalities in the world, Europe has been the choice for those who love being in the lap of art, architecture and eternal love. But for them who still crave to take this splendid tour to Europe, here's a guide to help the first timers with a list of the locations that are a must-visit.
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A Fun and Relaxing Way to Tour Europe: Train Holidays

You won't get tired muscles or cramps from tiny seats or being forced to stay immobile for hours at a time, or have to suffer through crowded (and sometimes very confusing) airports or bus terminals, and you won't need to rush from one terminal to the next to make your connecting flights. There's plenty of room to stretch on modern railway cars, from large private travel cars (although you may not want to leave your comfortable armchair or your cosy sleeping compartment), to the lounge, where you're encouraged to relax and mingle with other passengers. If you get hungry, just wander down to the dining car, which offers wonderful, fresh cuisine to rival the best in the world. Best of all, you don't have to suffer from jet lag or skip over all the interesting sites that lie between your initial location and your destination. If you're planning to visit as many sites and attractions as possible when travelling through Europe, train holidays are the perfect answer.
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