Scuba Diving in Egypt

Top 10 Must-Do Things in Egypt

Scuba Diving- Egypt is a great spot for scuba diving. There is lovely nature and the Red Sea boasts of amazing fish species. The coral reef welcomes you to explore its numerous beauties. The most popular places for scuba diving in Egypt are Giftun Island, Panorama Reef, Ras Mohamed National Park, Seven Pillars, Straits of Tiran, as well as many others.
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Scuba Diving in Egypt - The Best Way to Spend Your Vacation

Barren deserts are abruptly changed into overwhelming colored marine and coral life beneath the sea. Scuba diving in Egypt's Red Sea is simply amazing. There are no doubts that it is one of the finest dive spots in the world. Scuba diving in Egypt is truly for everyone regardless of budget or skill level, Egypt provides you with the best dives plus the most affordable prices too. Backpackers will surely opt for the serene towns of Nuweiba and Dahab, while the ones looking for better comfort will prefer the towns of Taba and Hurghada. But no matter which place you stay, Egypt will provide you your best diving experience ever.
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The Popularity of Red Sea Scuba Diving

The Red Sea coastal areas of Egypt include both the eastern seashore as well as the Sinai Peninsula and are frequently referred to as the "Red Sea Riviera". This is due to the abundance of luxurious resorts, high-end shopping, dining and unique activities that take place there. One of the most popular reasons for heading to this part of Egypt is to enjoy the many opportunities in Red Sea scuba diving.
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Scuba Diving in the Red Sea, Egypt

People traveling to Egypt do not do so only to view the many fascinating historical sites stretching up and down the Nile River. They also come to take in the glories of the far Western Desert and its five large oases. Visitors also enjoy trekking and exploring through the Eastern Desert and the Sinai Peninsula as well. Currently, however one of the strongest reasons that people from around the world plan a visit is to enjoy the scuba diving in the Red Sea, Egypt.
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Enjoy Scuba Diving in Mauritius

Scuba diving is one of the water spot that is liked by most tourists, Most Mauritius hotels will be in position to carter for this activity. The most exciting activity that will live you thrilling is swimming along side with fish, once you are in the water, you will enjoy the gorgeous coral reefs along with the marine life. Mauritius is one of the countries that offer scuba diving all year around. It's the most admired activity by tourists and the best time is summer from November to April. This is because the temperatures are warm and this attracts fish species along with marine life.
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