Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Hawaii

A Maui Vacation Rental for the Best in Scuba Diving and Snorkeling!

Maui is Great! Vacation rentals Maui bring you the best scuba diving adventures! The scuba diving off of Maui's Southwest coast is one of my very favorite locations. In particular, the famous Molokini marine sanctuary, a partially sunken volcano crater, is a magnet for marine life. Its backside is a vertical wall that drops to 300', and its interior offers nice sloping ridges that run from snorkeling depth down to 130' plus. There are also great dive sites along the coast off Wailea, many of which are deep like the 110' "battleship" site (it's not a wreck.)
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The Best Scuba Dive- Snorkeling in Hawaii

Scuba diving and Snorkeling at Sharks cove on the North Shore of Oahu is one of the more pleasant dives in all the state of Hawaii. Located less then 1 mile east of Waimea Bay Sharks cove is unique in its landscape with a rocky entry (lots of rocks to climb over) before submerging into the water. The cove like shape with an outer wall protecting the inner shallow tide pools make it safe snorkeling for family, children and entry-level students.
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Hawaii Islands - A Scuba Diver's Paradise

Hawaii is the premier destination for unspoiled tropical fun. While the splendid waves attract surfers to its white, sandy beaches; the abundant flora and fauna underwater is definitely a piece of heaven to both snorkelers and scuba divers alike. In fact, Hawaii is host to a number of popular dive spots that would entail more than 3 days to completely explore and get a fill of the breathtaking views.
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Scuba Diving - Scuba Diving in Hawaii

Hawaii is a top vacation destination for more reasons than the fashionable grass skirts and leis. People from all over the world travel to the Hawaiian Islands year after year to experience the adventure vacation of a lifetime. No matter whether it is surfing, mountain climbing, or scuba diving, adventure of every variety imaginable can be found in Hawaii. It is this variety of adventure that attracts thrill seekers and the mildly adventurous alike to Hawaii.
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Waikiki Scuba Diving Oahu Hawaii - Have Fun Getting Wet in Waikiki!

Waikiki on The Island of Oahu in Hawaii is a great place to go to do self directed scuba diving. Hawaii has so many different types of scuba diving and Waikiki has almost every type within 1 hour. You have wreck dives off Diamond Head, Shore Dives at Electric beach, Portlock with its large drop in. Lava tubes up at Sharks Cove, and tons of fish at Hanama Bay, including some pelages, and if you have your own scuba diving equipment it can be quite inexpensive. Even if you rent gear You can shore dive allot of different spots near Waikiki like Hanama Bay which basically is a giant aquarium filled with all sorts of beautiful fish. They have a tram that takes you down and back up. There is a lot of gear lugging to do this dive, but worth it, as it is one of the best dives in Hawaii. Electric Beach up at the power plant on the west side towards Makaha, has Giant turtles which can be found under the ledges hiding from the sharks, that you will most likely never see.
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Wow! Big Island Scuba Diving; Honounou Hawaii's Kona Coast

Wow! What a wonderful place for snorkeling and scuba diving the Big Island of Hawaii is, Kona received the moniker the Gold Coast as you would look in the water and it would be shimmering gold with the tremendous schools of yellow tang, even today you can see big schools of these fish. Hawaii is very unique in that 25% of the fish that are here are only found here. It is not uncommon to count over 150 different spices of fish at Honounou. Turtles, dolphins and manta rays are routinely spotted by Big Island Hawaii scuba divers & snorkels at Honounou.
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