Pompey's Pillar in Egypt

Egypt - Top Sights to Visit in Alexandria

Alexandria, the former grand capital of Egypt, is easily accessible from Cairo by either train or car, so is popular to include as an excursion on your holidays in Egypt. However, if you have a little more time in your schedule, this fascinating city deserves more than a cursory glance. Alexandria is steeped in history and, as you unravel her story, the names dotted throughout her tale may have a familiar ring.
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Egypt Attractions - Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Egypt

Egypt is located in North Africa and is among the top most tourist destinations of the world. No other country comes even closer to Egypt when it comes to the number of magnificent monuments, activities and historical attractions. More than ninety percent of all Egyptian attractions are lined up along the river Nile. Many places can therefore visited by taking a cruise in the Nile river (besides road and air travel). Since it is a popular tourist destination Egypt offers extensive facilities for tourists.
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