Parks in Vietnam

Disney's Happyland Worldclass Theme Park in Vietnam Takes Off

The Happyland Theme Park is the main cornerstone of the Khang Thong Entertainment City in Vietnam, for which New Jersey-based Hill International is providing project and construction management services.
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Bird Watching in Vietnam

Vietnam is the ideal environment for attracting birds and therefore, bird watchers. The geographical location and its climate attract birds from China, the Malay Peninsula and the Himalayan Mountains. These varied locations result in a huge variety bird species making their way to Vietnam during their migrations.
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Educational Holidays to Vietnam

The choices in holidays to Vietnam are endless, educational trips are perfect since this country has such a big history. If you seek to learn more and wish to revisit the past of a colourful country then look no further. Sights in Vietnam can be divided into three major kinds: historical sights, cultural sights and scenic sights. Though subdued to heavy bombing and warfare, numerous sights witnessing Vietnam's rises and falls still stand today and throughout the country. Visit Hoi An and witness its ancient architecture and unique surroundings. Visiting the people of Vietnam and be taken back in time, whether you expect a warm welcome or not you will most certainly get one. Holidays in Vietnam are for people who wish to taste culture and a fascinating history.
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The Natural Wonders of Vietnam

Also located in Vietnam's south is the Cat Tien National Park, forming 720 km² of tropical rain forests. While the park's fauna may be under threat, it is impressive nonetheless. Large animals such as the Javan rhino, Asian elephant, bear species and buffalos can be spotted on Vietnam holidays here. And the smaller animals are here in impressive numbers too, with species of gibbon, macaques, deer and shrews all habituating within the park. Birds too, are remarkable in their numbers, with beautiful species such as white-winged ducks, Siamese firebacks, great hornbills and black eagles all residing there.
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