Pandas in China

The Reluctant Pandas of China

The Giant Panda is universally loved around the world, but this amazing creature currently faces many threats. The giant panda population is small and isolated to China's mountainous areas in the south-west of the country. They are a national treasure and also protected by law. The Chinese government has set-up more than 30 reserves, but destruction of the local habitat and poaching continues to pose a threat to pandas living outside these reserves. With China's rapid economic development, it is becoming increasingly crucial to ensure the giant pandas survival.
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China Panda Tour

The giant panda is universally loved. Their symbolic black and white fur-color distinguishes them well from any other animals. Giant Panda, with only about one thousand left in the wild, is also the most well known endangered animal in the world. Also more than 80% of giant pandas left in the world are living in and around Sichuan.
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