National Palace Museum in Taiwan

What Are Taiwan's Main Tourist Attractions and Activities?

The capital is congested place, with three million people in the city itself and another three million in the surrounding countryside. That said, it has plenty of attractions to detain you for a couple of days, including atmospheric temples, museums, historic monuments and teeming night markets. If you do nothing else here, visit the National Palace Museum, featuring the world's finest array of Chinese artifacts, moved here in 1948 by the Kuomintang; it's such a huge collection that only a tiny fraction is displayed at any one time. Chian Kuo is one of the largest jade markets in the world, with more than nine hundred sellers. Also a must-see is Snake Alley, where fortune-tellers, tattoo parlours, fruit sellers and restaurants nestle alongside stalls where you can try a drink of snake blood and bile (and optional venom), removed from a specimens freshly killed and skinned in front of you. The mind-boggling concoction is said to strengthen the eyes, spine and sexual vitality
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Visiting Taipei - Tips for the Tourist

Taipei is the capital city of the Republic of China also known as Taiwan. It is within the Central Mountains and between the northern parts of the island. It has a total population of about 2.6 million and it spans the fourth largest governmental area of Taiwan, after Kaohsiung, Taichung and New Taipei. As the biggest Taipei urban area, it comprises the main Taipei City along with the surrounding Keeling and represents the major metropolitan group with almost 7 million people. Taipei stands as the island's center for cultural, financial and governmental activities.
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