Myeongdong in Korea

Guide to Seoul's Hot Spots

Mye0ng-dong is where you will find a large area of shopping and eating haven hidden behind older skyscrapers that propelled South Korea forward during 70's and 80's. It is also a street for the young crowd, especially on weekends when the suits are off the street. So, what's good here? Well, your best bet is shopping for cloth and tasting some well-known Korean restaurants that are 50 years old and more.
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Busy Lifestyle of Tourist Spot

It is a very important thing to distinguish between North Korea and South Korea. The two nations have vastly different aspirations and international relationships. North Korea is a closed community that is prone to occasional spats with the USA. The South seems to have embraced capitalism. That is a contrast that will continue to grow as the people discover the elements that make this thing work. It is not easy to look at North Korea and therefore this article will concentrate on the South for the tourist. One of the things to look at is the Nanta Theater. This is the focus of the culture and art of the Korean people. The tickets are fairly cheap but it does pay to make advance bookings. That way the visitor will not be stuck in the middle of nowhere trying to make sense of the trip when they could have been doing something else. The Historic village gives an insight into the traditional lives of the people that live and work in Korea.
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