Luxor Temple in Egypt

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The city of Thebes was home to the pharaohs of the Middle and New Kingdoms of ancient Egypt. As such it contained remarkable temples, tombs and structures dedicated to this remarkable period in history.
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Best of Egypt: The Luxor Temple

Luxor, the modern city of what used to be a thriving ancient capital known as Thebes, is one of the most visited cities in Egypt today. Luxor has a history that is as old as the country itself. It has been home to countless numbers of pharaohs and judging by the sheer number of surviving artifacts, temples and architecture, it has been one of the most powerful cities in the history of the world. These days the city of Luxor is known as the world's largest open air museum, because of the number of sites that tourists can discover and enjoy when here.
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5 Must See Places While You Are in Luxor in Egypt

The city of Luxor became named as such because it grew up around the temple. There has probably always been life around the ancient monuments, their functions were very crucial in ancient Egypt, hereby making people settling around them through history. Luxor temple has its own odd structure and opposition in architectural construction. On one hand we see Ramesses II huge statues sitting by the entrances at the first two gates/pylons. And on the other hand we find Hatshepsut's exceptional fine carvings. If you go into the inner courts, the wall just before you reach the holy of holiness, then you will see a Christian Roman image. It is painted and very visual even to this day.
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Best of Egypt: The Sights to Enjoy in Luxor

Luxor is one of the best city destinations in the whole of Egypt. It has served Egypt for thousands of years as the capital city and the center of culture and ancient worship. With this it is a treasure chest of artifacts and surviving temples and tombs which any tourist will surely find interesting. For these reasons, the Luxor Travel or Luxor Day Tours is always a welcome recommendation.
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