Luneta in Metro Manila

Travel Guide: Getting Familiar With the City

If you are planning to go to Manila for your vacation, you could not have picked a better place. Manila is one of the best places in Asia. It has many things to offer-from world class hotels to international cuisine to popular mall strips. If you think this trip will cost you a lot, you are mistaken. With cheap flights to Manila, you will definitely enjoy a vacation without hurting your budget.
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Traveling in Manila: What to Do and Where to Go On Your Manila Vacation

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, has become somewhat of a turn-off to tourists in recent years because of its high traffic and pollution. It's a crowded and frantic city that doesn't have much in the way of physical beauty, and, as a result, many people simply pass through Manila on their way to another Asian destination. However, not all aspects of Manila are lacking. It is a city with an exciting nightlife and an energy that is not easily matched. In fact, tourists who are able to accept the fast pace of the city find that it's a much more enjoyable place than they imagined. However, expect delays in all of your planning -- there's likely to be traffic getting anywhere you're headed and a wait once you arrive.
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Historical Landmarks at Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines can always get the credit for its alluring beauty and charm that makes it the capital city of the Philippines. It has the largest population in the country and numerous scenic spots are located in the city making it highly deserving to be commended as the country's commercial and tourist hub.
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Manila's Finest Tourism Offerings

A holiday in the Philippines will never be complete without exploring its capital, Manila. Home to more than 1.6 million people, Manila is one of the crowded yet entertaining cities in the country. The busy streets and hardworking people add to the rich history of Manila, which charms local and foreign guests with its vintage and modern features.
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