Kecak Dance in Indonesia

Indonesia - Top 10 Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia

Check out the traditional dances - locally known as the "Kecak". Where the ck-ck sound is very fun to hear with accompanying native dances in some Bali public places.
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Ubud - The Cultural Epicenter of Bali

Ubud has probably been the best part of Bali. Ubud might not be as famous as Kuta, but it is surely a place that is loved by many. While Ubud might have been a long-time favorite among tourists, it recently received a publicity stimulus from the movie Eat Pray Love. From Italy where she reacquainted her passion for food and life, Liz (starring Julia Roberts) headed to India in search for spiritual answer before landing herself in Bali. Ubud is an inextricable part of Liz's journey in Bali where she eventually found the love of her live and regained her balance in life. In her book, Liz speaks affectionately about Ubud and how she met many friends such as Ketut Liyer (her spiritual guru), Wayan (her healer), Mario and Robin (from the Bumi Sehat Foundation).
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The Fascinating Kecak Dance From Bali Islands

Indonesia is a beautiful country which has lots of culture and many kinds of traditional dances in any places. One of the most popular dances is Kecak dance in Bali which has no musical accompaniment, because the rhythm is provided by a chanting 'monkey' chorus and the polyrhythmic of the chanting provides the name 'Ke-chak' which the sound is come from the mouth.
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The Stunning Kecak Dance Of The Beautiful Bali

One of the most famous Balinese Dances is The Kecak dance. The stunning voice of the dancers in musical rhythm is used as a background for them to dance in trance. Over 100 bare-chested dancers are swaying their body and hands. The sound of cak-cak-cak imitating the sound of monkey sounds gives the exotic and dynamic ambience. Because of that chanting noise of "Cak-cak-cak", then the dance is named Kecak.
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