Jumeirah Beach in Dubai

One of the Best Travel Destinations in the World - Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

Soft, white sand under your feet, a slow, gentle breeze coaxing you to relax, the warm, crystal clear, azure waters of the Arabian Sea inviting you to swim and exotic, unrivaled, spectacular views all around you, this is Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Jumeirah modern architecture is incomparable and is equally breathtaking in day light or star light. This coastal area was once the home of Arab traders, pearl divers and fisherman who enjoyed a simpler life. Since the 1960's, Jumeirah has become a favorite of western expatriates. Due to the building of some of the finest, luxury hotels and resorts in the world, Jumeirah Beach has become a popular choice among tourists in recent years. The long, sunny, stretch of beach is sprinkled with lush, palm trees and is lifeguard protected, thus providing a safe place for the entire family to enjoy plenty of sun and various water activities without worry.
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Jumeirah Beach Dubai - Activities and Sightseeing

Jumeirah Beach Dubai has recently become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. The white sandy beach with its picturesque surroundings offers holidaymakers a perfect setting to relax and unwind. Breathtaking modern architecture and a range of impressive hotels line the beach. In the evening, the esplanade is lively with the bustle of the overflowing restaurants.
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Excellent Places To Stay On Your Trip To Dubai's Beaches

Recently Dubai has gone up near the top of the list of most popular destinations for tourists in the world. That is because you can find everything in Dubai from a lovely climate with sun year-round, soft beaches with turquoise blue waters and wild safaris to amazing architecture on everything from shopping malls to luxury hotels to shopping malls. If you have enough money, while in Dubai you can stay in one of the most expensive hotels in the world such as one of the exclusive Beach Hotels. However, Dubai is not only for the rich as there are many budget hotels with good service and pleasant guest rooms.
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Jumeirah Beach Park - The Perfect Location For A Jolly Family Holiday

If you're planning to take a family on holiday to Dubai, rest assured you won't run out of options when it comes to finding entertaining activities in the city. From the enormous and modern shopping malls located within in the city centre to the myriad souks of the old commercial heart of Deira, Dubai offers plenty to keep holidaymakers of all ages occupied. However, if you're looking for a truly enjoyable family experience in Dubai, head towards Jumeirah Beach Park - one of Dubai's most stunning public attractions.
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What Are the Best Beaches in Dubai?

If you have seen pictures of Dubai, you may have seen exotic buildings rising over the coastline and beaches with turquoise water. These are not photo-manipulated pictures, these Dubai beaches do exist! Here we will talk about the top beaches to visit while you stay on Dubai in your vacations.
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