Hiking Kayaking and Adventures in Greece

Hiking, Kayaking and Family Adventures on a Mediterranean Gem

Situated on the rim of a large caldera (crater), Santorini and its surrounding islands are the remnants of a larger island that was destroyed by a massive volcanic eruption 3,600 years ago. This volcano not only managed to sink most of the island but is also said to have led to the downfall of the powerful Minoans, triggered a volcanic winter, and inspired the Atlantis legend. Santorini thus features both remarkably well-preserved archeological sites as well as a unique volcanic landscape perfect for both hiking and kayaking. Today, visitors can explore the ragged coastlines and volcanic landscapes, reminders of the dramatic events that took place thousands of years before. Add to this its modern-day Mediterranean charm, excellent wine and cuisine, and black sand beaches along unbelievably blue seas, it's no wonder Santorini offers one of the best travel destinations in Greece..
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