Hanging Coffins in Sagada

Sagada, Philippines - A Tourist Haven

With Baguio City, the Philippines' Summer Capital, becoming more and more saturated during vacation time (Christmas Season and the Holy Week), local tourists are looking for other alternative vacation spots. SAGADA, with its cool climate and pine sceneries seems to be a choice, A BETTER ONE, and and an increased flow of local tourists have been observed the past ten years.
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Sagada and Its Lesser Known Activities

Sagada has fast been gaining popularity amongst both foreign and Filipino tourists. It is starting to become one of the must-visit places in northern Philippines alongside Vigan, Baguio City, and Banaue. Sagada boasts of scenic pine forests, waterfalls, limestone caves and also has unique man-made tourist attractions like the hanging coffins, rice terraces and its starting-to-boom weaving and pottery industries.
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Spelunking, Savoring Sagada

Four hundred miles from Manila, a 12-hour trip by bus, lies one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the country- Sagada. But it offers so much more than the famous Hanging Coffins of its ancestors old. Today, Sagada is a mix of adventure- from the palate to the adrenalin. One of the few refreshing nature travel spots in the country without a beach. And that is saying something from a country with 1,107 islands!
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Reaching For the Gods in Sagada

I first visited Sagada, a sleepy town at the heart of the Mountain Province, on a cold November day. The first things that caught my curiosity were the ashes and remains of burnt wood left at the graves in the Christian cemetery.
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Three Best Ways to Reach Sagada

Sagada is a remote tourist town located in the northern part of the Philippines. It is part of Mountain Province, one of the provinces that form the Cordillera Region that is located in the mountainous area of north central Luzon. Sagada is also a popular tourist destination. It boasts of several man-made and natural tourist attractions such as waterfalls, limestone caves, underground rivers, hanging coffins, rice terraces, and burial caves amongst others. Sagada, like majority of towns in the Cordillera Region is home to the Igorot people - an ethnic group that was not colonized by the Spaniards and which has retained a lot of its traditions and cultural practices up to this day.
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