Erawan Shrine in Bangkok Thailand

Erawan Shrine - Aesthetically Refined and Devotedly Revered

Over 90 percent of Thai people follow Theravada Buddhism while the rest of the populace have faith in Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. The scores of temples, churches, mosques and shrines portraying diverse architectures and aesthetics testify Thailand's multi-religious culture and harmony. One of the famous and most frequented shrines in Thailand's capital Bangkok is the Erawan Shrine locally referred as San Phra Phrom.
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Erawan Shrine - What Can the Spirits Do? Make My Fortune?

When I went to the Erawan Shrine, the first thing the guide told us about the shrine was that Jackie Chan, the famous Hong Kong martial arts star, once visited the Shrine in 1996. Mr. Chan knew the shrine is Hindu, but he must have thought that the thousands of people who visited the shrine before him cannot be wrong about its ability to grant good fortune. He offered prays and made offerings as part of his buddhist beliefs. Since then his films have been one success after another even at his late age he is still going strong. Was this a mere coincidence that brought him such success? Or was his success prompted by his visit to the shrine?
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