Eat Durian in Davao

Top 10 Fruits in Filipino Cuisine

If there's one thing Filipinos are blessed with, it's the abundance of tropical fruits in the country. We literally have hundreds of species of fruit, most of them edible and many a vital part of Filipino food and culture. You may not see a lot of them if you're in the city, but take a drive in the provinces and you'll see miles and miles of fruit plantations.
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Davao City and the King of Fruits, Durian

If there's one thing that Davao City is quite well known for, it's the Durian fruit. As the only city in the Philippines that's able to grow and harvest a bountiful amount of Durian all year round, the "King of Fruits" is indeed, Davao's pride.
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Fruit As Aphrodisiac?

I live here in Davao City and it is located here in the Philippines. Its an island nation located in the south east Asian region. My hometown is known for the fruit claimed to be an aphrodisiac by those people who have eat this. This fruit is called Durian which is also known as the king of fruits in south east Asia.
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