Delos Island in Greece

Enjoy Unique Time in Greece

The romantic Aegean Sea, white houses, long history and Olympic spirit are all the distinctive features of Greece. Even if you have never been to this country, you must hear the above things before.
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Ancient Greece Delos Island Museum

Certain exhibitions are temporary, while others are in the process of being assembled. Exhibits may change location. All information given in this book was accurate at the time of going to print. All dates should be read as B.C. (Before Christ), unless stated otherwise.
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Delos Island Historical Review

Delos was to know greatness, first as a religious center and later as a busy commercial port. In turn it was glorified, lauded, destroyed, rebuilt and destroyed once again; a rich history which lasted several hundreds of years.
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What to See in Greece and the Aegean Islands

The Aegean Island of Delos is said to be the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo and it is one of the most revered islands in Classic Greek mythology. It host ruins of numerous temples, marketplaces, and theaters, and the Terrace of Lions still showcases the remains of seven snarling marble lions that lined the avenue in dedication to the god Apollo.
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Ancient Greece - Delos island - The Sanctuary of Apollo

The visitor takes just half an hour by boat from Mykonos to arrive at the same harbor that visitors used in ancient times, and on disembarking he immediately crosses the Agora of the Competaliasts, which is located directly in front of him. This is a large square, which housed one of the island's markets. An association of Italians who worshiped Hermes (Hermaists) founded it in 166, but approximately 60 years later, circa 100, the Competaliasts, an association of Italian slaves and freedmen who celebrated annually the festivals of the Lares Compitales (Roman gods of the crossroads), appeared and used the same square for their activities. On its east and south sides there were a variety of shops, while most commercial trade took place out in the open. The holes in the flagstones are remaining evidence of the wooden pegs driven into the ground to support the awnings for those merchants without a permanent pitch.
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