Colon Street in Cebu

Cebu City, Philippines - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

A tourist visiting Cebu City for the first time may well be turned off by some of the city sites. The city has several world class resorts, hotels, beaches and dive sites. It also has some areas of the world's most devastating poverty. Cebu City is the capital city of the Cebu Province and it is the second largest city in the Philippines following Manila. I always feel at home in the city and lived in the city before building my home in the rural Cebu Province of Camotes Islands. Cebu City is a mix of the old and new, rich and poor, good and bad and pretty and ugly. There is also the mix of clean and really dirty or filthy. The rule for anyone going to Cebu for the first time is to not make a snap judgment.
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Time to Discover Cebu

According to the LGU, the province' administrators are known to be development-oriented and these public administrators steer the province to economic growth and development. Reason three relates to the presence of economic zones in the province. The province of Cebu plays host to nine economic zones. Reason four relates to its fiscal management. According to the provincial government, the province is known for its good fiscal management and the province is one of the leading lights when it comes to assets and cash in bank. And lastly, the province ranks first because of the unity present in the province. These are the listed reasons why Cebu, according to the provincial government as the leading province in the country.
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Your First Trip to Cebu, Philippines Travel Tips

If you're coming here on vacation no doubt most of your planning was already done via the company you booked your flight with such as the hotel. Also be aware most major resorts will offer a shuttle service and often at little or no cost. That is something that will instantly save you money when arriving as the taxi drivers are generally looking to make two or even three times the normal amount which is why its strongly advised to always ask for the meter to be put on when entering a taxi and leave if they refuse. Also a good tip is to go across the road at Mactan airport and up the ramp as you will come out at the departure area and the taxis are less likely to give you problems purely because they are looking for rides back to the City. If its late at night you may tip the driver but generally I only tip if they don't ask for extra.
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A Trip to Cebu in Philippines is Enchanting

Philippines is a beautiful Asian country and the people are warm and gracious. One of the most beautiful vacation spots in Philippines and is known for its Mactan islands where most of the resorts are located. Here you can just relax by the sea, take in the fresh and take long walks. In case you are one of those adventurous types then you can splurge your money in the myriad diving activities such as snorkeling and underwater submarine. The waters are crystal clear and you can easily see the floor a few feet below. The resorts are excellent and the prices are quite reasonable. And transportation in Cebu is not a problem at all. There are buses that take you from one point to the other and you can also hire bikes which you can drive. You will off course need an international license for the same.
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Celebrating Cebu: Popular Events in Cebu Island, Philippines

Any visit to a distant and unfamiliar destination can be even more exciting when you find yourself in the middle of a city in celebration and bursting with energy. One such location is the Philippines' own province of Cebu, where a vibrant crowd celebrates a wide array fiestas all year, making each event the ideal time to visit and experience unforgettable festivities.
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Transportation in Cebu

The beautiful city of Cebu is easily competing with the Philippines' capital of Manila, as a thriving metropolitan center, and a growing hubbub of commercial complexes and businesses. Fast becoming modern with less of the pollution normally encountered in busy cities, Cebu has become a favorite tourist destination spot for foreigners, both businessmen and visitors alike.
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