Tourism has been one of Cambodia's triple pillar industries. The Angkor Wat historical park in Siem Reap province, the beaches in Sihanoukville and the capital city Phnom Penh are the main attractions for foreign tourists.

3d2n Cambodia Free And Easy Package

PROMO 3d2n Cambodia Free And Easy Package

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Packages Inclusions and itinerary:
3D2N Phnom Penh Free & Easy Package (2 Meal)
Day01: Upon arrival at Cambodia Phnom Penh International Airport, Meet by our representative and transfer
to hotel for check-in.
Day02: After breakfast at hotel, then free at own leisure. Overnight in Phnom Penh.
Add On Optional Tours
Day03: After breakfast at hotel, free at leisure until departure transfer to airport.
Siem Reap Package

Siem Reap Package

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Historical Cambodia

Historical Cambodia

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Diving Cambodia

Cambodia is located in the Gulf of Thailand between the countries of Thailand and Vietnam. Cambodia is a new diving frontier and has a few dive centres and therefore the country offers a real chance to explore dive sites. There will be plenty of chances to dive unmapped dive sites and even some not discovered yet.
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Traveling Along the Mekong Delta River

"You can never step in the same river twice", as the saying goes. Asia's third longest watercourse (after the Yangtze and Yellow rivers of China), the Mekong, which originates in the Tibetan plateau at an elevation of 5500m, changes dramatically as it winds it way down through six nations to empty in the East Sea. I have never followed the entire length of this great river, although I have visited many portions of it at different times.
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Angkor Wat - It's Not the Only Thing to Do in Siem Reap, Cambodia

There is no doubt that tourists flock to Siem Reap, Cambodia for the plain reason that it houses one of the greatest temples on earth; Angkor Wat. Built in the 12th century by the Khmer Empire, it has caught the publics interest and it is wowing travelers from around the world.
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3 Lesser-Known Sites to Visit on Cambodia Holidays

The temple complex at Angkor Wat is the most famous historical site in Cambodia. Holidays to the Southeast Asian country almost always include a visit to the complex in their itinerary, from a one-day view of the highlights to as long as a week spent exploring every nook and cranny tucked away in the dense jungle. The complex is far larger than many visitors anticipate, with the ruins called Angkor Wat just one of numerous temples and other structures scattered throughout the jungle. The following are some of the lesser-known parts that are well worth a visit on Cambodia holidays.
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National Museum of Art - Phnom Penh

Housing the most extensive collection of Khmer Art in the world is the National Museum of Cambodia which is ideally located in Phnom Penh. It has earned a reputation as the country's foremost archaeological and historical museum. The museum was designed according to typical Khmer-style during the period of 1917 to 1920 and was the mastermind of a renowned and professional French architect.
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Choose Cambodia Holiday Tours For An Unforgettable Experience

Those who want to spend their holiday in paradise, with bounty of natural scenic beauty surrounding them, they should consider the amazing destinations located in South East Asia. One such destination that offers a memorable holidaying experience is Cambodia. This South East Asian country, formerly known as Kampuchea, shares its boundary with neighboring countries of Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. The tourism department of Cambodia is promoting several tourist attractions online to enable tourists and travelers to know about the past history and culture of the region. Some of the famous tourist destinations in Cambodia include the Royal Palace temple in Kratie, comprising of a 100 column Pagoda. The height of the columns of this temple stands at 35 meters and the width is around 18 meters. It has the tomb of the legendary personality Sey Ma.
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The Killing Fields of Phnom Penh

The Killing Fields of Cheung Ek are situated 15 kilometres out of Phnom Penh in Cambodia and were the final resting place for more than 17,000 civilians who were killed and buried there in mass graves. Many prisoners ended up here after being held prisoner for long periods and suffering torture in Toul Sleng, a school in Phnom Penh which had been converted into a jail. These places remind the world of the turbulent Cambodia history and offer an insight into the chilling history which revolved around the brutalities of the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime under the leadership of Pol Pot.
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How to Enjoy Visiting Angkor Wat Temple

If you have never visited Angkor Wat temple before, knowing some tips for enjoying visiting Angkor Wat is a really cool thing. As Angkor Wat is the most famous temple in Cambodia we can enjoy visiting this temple in the early morning and late afternoon which means it can be a little bit hot in the noon. But visiting in the late afternoon is so much wonderful. You can wait and see the sun set, Super cool view if you can see it from Angkor Wat temple. You can see more people come to this great temple rather than in the morning.
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Adventure Scuba Diving in Asia, Great Places to Visit On Your Asian Holiday!

Cambodia Still the new place to go scuba diving, lots of adventure and your boat most likely will be the only boat on the site. You will find lots of schools of fish, and big coral gardens for the snorkels as well. The live-a-boards to the Koh Tang islands are the best deals with big fish and deserted beaches.
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The Best Things to See in Cambodia

Cambodia is bordered by three countries, Vietnam to the East, Laos to the North and Thailand to the West. Therefore, there are three different border crossings you can use to enter the country and three different directions to travel through the country. There is no set route through Cambodia and each way is just as popular as the next.
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A Cambodian Legacy - I Want to Make My Country Safe For My People

The sight of children and adults walking on the streets of Siem Reap with missing limbs was the catalyst for us to take up the suggestion to visit the Cambodian Landmine Museum.
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Cambodia or the Kingdom of Cambodia lies in the eastern side of the Philippines. It is also a part of Southeast Asia with Phnom Penh as its capital. Cambodia houses some of the most fascinating temples with rich cultural traditions in the whole world. Cambodia offers tourists a holistic experience. Come and visit Cambodia now and witness the blossoming and new beginnings of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
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Scuba Diving in Cambodia - More Fish & Less Divers

If there is a saying that would speak the loudest for Cambodia diving it would be More Fish & Less Divers. If you look at a map of South East Asia, Cambodia is surrounded by great scuba diving. You have Vietnam known for its Nudibranch and soft corals, and Thailand known for diving in two different bodies of water, the Adman Sea, famous for its leopard sharks and lion fish, and the Gulf of Thailand with its warm water where whale sharks can be seen, as well as a large assortment of reef fish like wrasses, parrots and angel fish.
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Experience Angkor Wat: Cambodia's Archeological Gem

Imagine discovering a hidden city; one whose regal and impressive architecture had been claimed by the surrounding jungle over decades? Imagine finding a lost city. This is exactly what Frenchman Henri Mahout did when he re-discovered Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The city of temples was constructed over 4 centuries and built for kings: today, it is Cambodia's pride and a leading destination for visitors and residents alike. Experience Angkor Wat, one of the most beautiful and intriguing sites in the world.
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Cambodia Adventure Travel

With the emergence of Cambodia as a tourist destination after decades of tyranny and occupation tour operators are promoting the adventure destinations of the country.
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Sihanoukville - The Most Attractive Beach City in Cambodia

VIP guests can stay at the 5-star Sokha Beach Resort, a stone's throw away from the coastline and one of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia. Wealthy travelers can also go for the 4-star Golden Sand resort which is located right next to the 3-km long Ochheuteal beach. At the northern end is the equally popular 'Serendipity Beach' while the southern end features a cluster of hotels, restaurants and guesthouses
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There is More to Siem Reap, Cambodia Than the Angkor Temples

The Angkor National Museum is located on the road to Angkor Wat at Vithei Charles De Gaulle, Phnom Salokanseng, Siem Reap. The Angkor National would be classified as one of Cambodia's premier museum sites.
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Visit to Tuol Sleng - Khmer Rouge Genocide Museum

It was the fourth of November 2004 and we were making our way through the narrow vibrant pathways of the Central Market in Phnom Penh. We were looking for the food court section planning to try out local Khmer breakfast. We stumbled out of the produce section with a couple of staple items--peanuts and longuns (the longuns in Cambodia are small but especially juicy, tasty and cheap)--and found ourselves walking down a long row of butchers. Each stall had a different type of meat. Slabs of freshly cut pork ribs hung in one stand. The next displayed huge cow livers and other offal's. Plucked chickens dangled above an arrangement of chicken feet across the way.
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Khmer Rouge Prison 21 - The Chilling High School In Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

Most travel stories are of the happy-go-lucky variety. Every once in a while, however, one visits a place that evidences the vicious, dark side of mankind. Khmer Rouge Prison 21, known as Tuol Seng, is one such place. It is a stark reminder of the cruelties humanity can visit upon itself.
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Angkor Wat Tours - Discover the Temples of Cambodia

Cambodia is culturally one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia despite being one of the smallest and poorest. It is famous for two principal reasons; firstly the magnificent temples of Angkor and secondly Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Now the threat of the Khmer Rouge has been fully extinguished revenue from touring the ancient ruins of Angkor is of utmost importance to the Cambodian government and people. With the myriad of tour companies offering guided tours to this UNESCO World Heritage Site it is important to choose the company most suited to your requirements.
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Angkor Wat - Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm was originally called Rajavihara, which means Royal Temple. It was built by King Jayavarman VII in the late 12th and early 13th centuries. He was the most prolific builder of all the Angkor Kings, which is quite a distinction when one considers the number of temples erected during the Empire's golden age. The majority of the sites on the Little Circuit were constructed during his reign.
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The Royal Palace Exemplifies Cambodia's Rich History

Constructed over a century ago, the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia was meant to serve as a residence for the king of Cambodia, an administrative office and as a place of accommodation for visiting foreign dignitaries. Today it is the official residence of King Norodom Sihamoni and former King Norodom Sihanouk. The full name of The Royal Palace in Cambodian is Preah Barom Reachea Vaeng Chaktomuk. Kings of Cambodia occupied the palace and it was a symbol of the kingdom and a venue for elaborate court ceremonies until its disruption during the bloody Khmer Rouge regime.
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