Burj Al Arab in United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - The Amazing Burj Al-Arab Hotel

Classifying itself as the only seven star hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel of extreme proportions located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This hotel shows you how the rich people live. The hotel itself is quite the site to behold itself. To enter the hotel, you need to be confirmed with a reservation at the lower gate to enter. Other visitors can occasionally be able to reserve tours of the Burj Al Arab as well.
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Burj Al Arab - Dubai's 7 Star Luxury Hotel

Dubai has emerged from existing as a small outpost in the UAE, to a city known for its opulence, spectacular architecture, and extravagant lifestyle. Dubai has the largest population of the United Arab Emirates. The architects of Dubai had the foresight not to rely on oil exclusively to maintain a stable economy, and tourism is thriving. In recent years, finance, real estate, and tourism have contributed the most to the economy. As a result, Dubai has become the 8th most visited destination in the world. Architectural firms from New York and Chicago have built resorts, hotels, villas, and malls. New luxury hotels, villas, and apartments have been built to accommodate the influx of tourists and business professionals. New hotels and vacation rentals were built in locations chosen for their close proximity to beaches, golf courses, spas, and shopping.
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The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai

The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is unlike any other building you've ever seen, let alone any other hotel. From a distance it looks like the sail of a ship, which is why it's also known as the "Arab Sail". It took 5 years for this hotel to come to fruition, as the land around it first had to be drained and dried, which took 2 years, then it took 3 years to build it.
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