Buda Castle - Budavar in Europe

Visiting European Castles by Train

Throughout history, castles and palaces have been a symbol of power, government, and history that dot the landscapes of Europe. Train holidays that take you through some of the ancient historic cities are prime ways for you to see, visit, and experience the atmospheres of these architectural testaments. While on your trip across western Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, and finally ending in Hungary, be sure to visit some of the major castles in each country - such as the Topkapi Palace, Tsarevets Castle, Bran Castle, and Buda Castle.
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Beautiful Buda Castle

When deciding on the best way to see Europe, train holidays are an often overlooked way of exploring the fascinating landmarks and landscapes of the continent. The rich history of the region is exhibited in many of its famous buildings, most of which have well organised museums and exhibitions that allow visitors to learn about the complicated course of events that shaped the people, cities and countries. In eastern and central Europe, the Ottoman, the Habsburg (or Hapsburg) and the Austro-Hungarian Empires all played an incredibly significant role in the shaping of the states. Buda castle in Budapest, Hungary, is one of the best places to explore in this part of Europe. Train holidays often pass through this city, so why not stop off in Budapest and visit the castle?
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Budapest, Hungary - The Castle District

Towering a couple hundred feet above the Danube River, the Castle District in Budapest is a special place. Surrounded by gothic churches with stain glass, a visit to the Castle District is like stepping back into the renaissance.
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