Beach in Israel

The Most Interesting Beach in Israel

Israel has some mighty fine beaches, beaches you dream about if you're stuck in an office somewhere in a cold, northern Europe office block, or downtown New York on a cold, winter's day; from the shores of the Sea of Galilee, to the Mediterranean coast (including the fine beaches of Tel Aviv), to the Dead Sea and down to the clear, coral-rich Red Sea. They really all are a beach bum's paradise, and all are worthy of being checked out.
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One of the Best Beaches in Israel - Hof Dor Tantura

If you're looking for a truly great beach in Israel and even have a couple of days spare for a romp up north, you should consider checking out Dor Beach (Hof Dor, often known as Hof Dor Tantura). Located between the Mediterranean and Mount Carmel, Dor Beach is surely a contender for one of Israel's best beaches.
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Where Are the Beaches in Haifa?

Haifa is well knows as being the city on the Carmel Mountain range with stunning views over the bay and the Mediterranean Sea. It is also Israel's principal port and there is some heavy industry nearby. It is also one of the best places to start a tour of the Galilee - distances are short so it can even be a base.
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