Asakusa in Japan

Map of Japan - Demarcating Cities and Their Attractions

Japan, Land of the Rising Sun, is a country of islands offering fascinating time for its tourists. The colorful culture of the country is combined with wide range of historical places, attractions, sights and natural beauties. It is one of the top class travel destination.
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Japan Tourist Attractions & Must See Places in Japan

Identified as the "Land of the Rising Sun", Japan is a country which is comprised of islands . As a travel destination, it offers a fascinating time for the visitors. A wide range of attractions, sights, historical places and natural beauties of the country combine with a colorful cultures in this country. In Japan the past meets the future.
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Weekly Mansions in Japan

A weekly mansion is a furnished apartment for short-term stays. From a size vs price perspective, they are generally more expensive than other housing such as guesthouses and ryokans. One of the big differences between a guesthouse and a weekly mansion is that guesthouse accommodation is conducive to meeting other people and socialising, whereas weekly mansions are private rooms with no 'social space' to mingle with other guests. Weekly Mansions are predominantly used by Japanese people and often by those on business trips. The rooms are fairly small and in most cases not ideal for families. Meals are not included and at most places there is no housekeeping. The rooms are set up to cater for travelling business people so all rooms have a high speed internet connection. The company which runs the weekly mansions in Tokyo is called Weekly Mansion Tokyo. They offer accommodation in 44 locations in the Tokyo area.
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Places to See in Tokyo Japan

You've probably heard it a thousand times and yes, Tokyo, Japan is really a must-see country. Becoming the capital of the most formulated nation, this city will surely boast its beauty from assorted tourists nationwide. The towering buildings are undeniably exceptional together with other sights which you must see.
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Tokyo Japan Life Guide

Life in Tokyo Japan is a mixture of modern ways and simplicity, and the Japanese people like to keep it that way. Since Tokyo is the capital of Japan and is considered as the Metropolis, it is obvious that the life in the city moves as fast as their trains. However, the simple and age long traditions still exist. This Tokyo Japan life guide will give you a glimpse of the life in one of the busiest cities in the world but yet keeping the steady flow of their traditions.
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