Antipolo City

Antipolo City

Antipolo City

Antipolo is also abundant in beautiful tourist spots. Natural and virgin springs are a sight to see. The springs and lakes in Antipolo boast of their cool and pristine waters surrounded with such luscious greens.
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Antipolo Still a Cool Manila Destination This Summer

The summer season in the Philippines is particularly sweltering these days, with temperatures reaching feverish intensities. Not surprisingly, vacation-bound people are looking to visit places where they can cool down and get away from the heat wave. Of course, when talking about those places, Baguio City usually comes out at the top of everyone's list. Therein lies the problem, as Baguio can get too crowded for one's comfort. Not to mention that it is a long drive from Manila hotels and houses.
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Local Philippines - Let's Go to Antipolo

Exploring the natural beauty of the Philippines needs not always be expensive and luxurious. For travelers seeking to enjoy sublime attractions that are easy on the pocket, visiting Antipolo will do. Since the city has a high elevation, we cannot expect beaches around. However, there are still plenty of scenic spots to visit in Antipolo.
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Top 3 Must-Visit Spots in Antipolo

Antipolo City, Philippines - Located twenty-five kilometers east of Manila, Antipolo is away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. A lot of Filipinos, as well as foreigners, troop to Antipolo to unwind and commune with nature. The highlands of this city exude a laid-back vibe without veering away from the comforts of civilization. It also has several tourists spots that will surely fit anyone's liking. Below are three must-visit destinations when you're in Antipolo:
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